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Characters in Apocalypse

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In my game of Apocalypse, I found it really really easy to snipe out characters, with the Aim orders making the -1 to hit redundant. A particular pain in the backside was artillery with the barrage rule that meant that basilisks and manticores could snipe out characters with relative ease. The worst was when a character was garrisoned, theoretically a way to protect them, but in practice made them much easier to kill.


Has anyone experienced this? What did you do to mitigate it? House rule or change in playstyle? I don't really like the idea of heroic characters hiding in rhinos to avoid sniper artillery. 


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We just house ruled that you can’t target light characters with range within 3” of other infantry. It was easier that trying to figure which was closer.
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Well it makes sense to be honest. Kill Team is all about the individual models. Everybody is a character basically. Regular 40k is about the units and actual characters pull a lot of weight there. Apocalypse is about detachments and individual characters are much less important on that scale.


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The 3" house rule sounds very sensible; it gives the opponent a chance to blast everything around it then kill it, but not as restricted as closest model to the shooting unit. Which needs addressing in 40k too.

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