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How many Space Marines do you have?

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Brother Cristopher

Brother Cristopher


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  • Location:Poland
  • Faction: Black Templars

Well, I don't feel competent enough to write a proper and fluffy introduction. I am curious, how big are your armies of the Adeptus Astartes, divided into PA Marines, Scouts, Bikes, Terminators, Primaris and vehicles. Those who want to share their exact numbers or those who got lost in the hobby and are able to present nothing more than rough estimates are welcome to join in.


I hope that this thread will motivate some of the hoarders who, I'm sure, are among us to take a moment and reflect on their collections. I've been there a couple of months ago, but thanks to the sobering introduction of Primaris to the setting, I managed to sort things out with my force which looks something like this:


~210 PA Marines

25 Scouts

~ 50 Terminators

17 Bikes

3 Land Speeders

15 Rhino chassis

4 ~LR chassis

2 Stormtalons

2 Stormravens

3 Drop Pods

8 Dreadnoughts

Bruce Malcom

Bruce Malcom


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  • Faction: Vector Royalist Imperial Soup
4 PA Marines, a Land Speeder, an Apothecary, a Company Champion, an improperly built Space Marine Vet Sarge with a Boltgun and a Power Fist, and 3 Primaris Marines, at your service.

(Just started, obviously.)
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Support Class is the BEST! http://www.bolterand...leship-nebulia/





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  • Faction: The Raven Order, Deathskulls
At last count I had roughly 17k worth of dark angels. I cant count them from work, but estimates in a similar format to what you have...

At least two companies of PA marines
70ish scouts
100+ terminators (including 30ish on 25mm bases)
50+ bikes
10+ speeders
4 LRs
3 vindicators
3 predators
2 whirlwinds
Oh God I don't even know on rhinos/razorbacks
2 pods
One lonely plane
Probably all the dreadnoughts
Formerly known as CardinalVirtue




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  • Faction: Blood Angels
Too many.

(To elaborate... 300ish regular marines plus various vehicles and over 100 primaris plus vehicles.)

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Primaris Blood Angels: Wins 4 Draws 0 Losses 2

Blood Angels 3rd Company Wins 25 Draws 5 Losses 13

Heresy Blood Angels: Wins 4 Draws 0 Losses 2
Blood Angels 4th company: Wins 10 Draws 3 Losses 4



Blood Angels Primaris Blog




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Bloody hundreds lad.
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My thread of things:


WIP Index Astartes Articles:

  Gatekeepers: http://www.bolterand...pers/?p=4192488

  Harvesters: http://www.bolterand...ters/?p=4192489

  Sons of Aetius: http://www.bolterand...tius/?p=4192491


Stercus percussit molendinum ad

Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Blood Angels count? We better.


Captain w/Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack, Chainsword, Narthecium, holstered pistol

Librarian w/Jump Pack, damaged force axe/staff awaiting head, tome in left hand, no modeled pistol

Lieutenants x2 w/Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Captain w/Chainsword, holstered pistol

Tactical Marines x6 w/Boltguns x5, Missile Launcher x1

12 Total



Librarian in Phobos Armor w/Force Sword, holstered pistol

Intercessors x5 w/Bolt Rifles, Chainsword x1

Intercessors x5 w/Bolt Rifles, Chainsword x1

Intercessors x5 w/Bolt Rifles, Chainsword x1

Hellblasters x5 w/Plasma Incinerators, holstered pistol

Reivers x5 w/Combat Knives, Heavy Bolt Pistols

Eliminators x3

29 Total





=Gravis NuMarines=

Captain in Gravis Armor w/Power Sword, Boltstorm Gauntlet

Inceptors x3 w/bolters

4 Total



Dreadnought w/Dreadnought Fist, Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter

1 Total


=Rhino Vehicles=

Razorback w/Twin-linked Lascannon

1 Total


47 models total

In short, I'm a bit new.

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"All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power." - Sindri Myr


"There is no meaning, no purpose. We murder, we kill. It is mindless savagery, this UNIVERSE is mindless!" - Azariah Kyras





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  • Faction: So many Imperials...
I've yet to be able to do a proper headcount, but it's AT LEAST

An old company I painted about 15 years ago
An Ultramarines first company (about half painted)
About 60ish currently in my Lamenters force
Around 100 each MkIII and MkIV in various stages of build and painting
Around 80 Marines covered largely from Berzerkers I got really cheap
40isk bikes, about 10 speeders, 5 raiders, and a handful of predators and an excessive amount of rhinos or drop pods.

I figure about 500+ all told, or far more than I'll level need or probably paint.

I am a filthy ETL oathbreaker. I acknowledge my failing and will be sure to correct it.

My Lamenters and Harlequins




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  • Location:Idaho USA
  • Faction: Black Templars
I thought I had a ton with my meager collection, brothers you inspire me!

Various badges of honor!






We will not falter another step!




Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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  • Location:Hertfordshire
  • Faction: Black Templars

Too many.


30 plague marines

16 dg terminators

a battle company of angels encarmine

25 death company

9/1 angels encarmine bikes/attack bikes

15 angels encarmine terminators

8 angels encarmine dreadnoughts

70 odd black templars

12 black templar terminators

7/4 black templar bikes/attack bikes

1 black templar dreadnought

140 odd black legionaires

15 black legion terminators

3 black legion bikes

5 black legion dreadnoughts

Another 20 odd character models for the above

47 invaders chapter primaris

just under 30 fallen angels

15 odd legion of the damned

10 grey knight terminators

20 deathwatch kill team members


I have 0 predators though biggrin.png

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Chaplain Killmer

Chaplain Killmer


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  • Faction: Dark Angels

This will be my favourite topic (makes me feel less insane for my collection):


approximately 200 pa marines

 105 terminators

   60 scouts

   15 rhino chassis

   75 light vehicles (speeders, attack bikes, bikes)

     2 Stormravens

     3 Stormtalons

   12 land raiders

   10 dreadnoughts


more or less all character marines ever released... i am such an addict


uh fogot my devastator company project

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Chaplain Killmer
4th Company - 1st Legion
Veteran bearing the cold
Crux Dominor




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  • Faction: I, IX, XIV, XVII

haha, if I genuinely answered this the wife would be filing for a divorce faster than a rogue trader files for a new navigator

counting all flavours Imp and Chaos, I'm not even sure I want to know high hundreds to low thousand+ at a guess

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  • 46 posts

Painted I have:


4 Captains (1 Gravis, 1 with Jump Pack, 2 regular)

1 Chaplain with Jump Pack

1 Phobos Librarian

2 Ancients (1 Primaris, 1 Regular)

5 Lieutenants (2 Primaris, 1 with Jump Pack)

1 Champion

19 Tactical Marines

5 Devastators

14 Assault Marines

5 Terminators

20 Intercessors

5 Hellblasters

3 Inceptors

2 Assassins (Vindicare/Calidus)

2 Dreadnoughts

1 Whirlwind

1 Land Raider

1 Predator

1 Razorback

2 Rhinos

1 Land Speeder


so an under strength Company, I have the Marines from the Shadowspear box (minus the Libby), an Apothecary, a Stormraven, an Eversor Assasin and an Imperial Knight all Partially Painted to some degree, I have a Devastator Squad, a 10 man Hellblaster squad, a Repulsor Executioner, a Leviathan Dreadnought and an Ironclad Dreadnought on my to assemble list, in my bitz box I have a :cuss tonne of unpainted models including a Terminator Assault Squad, many more Tactical Marines/Characters, Bikes, Land Raider Crusader and more that I could add if I could be bothered!




  • 5,715 posts
  • Location:Suffolk, England

lord only knows - 


enough for 3 battle companies of standard marines (incl HH marines)

30-40 Death Company

60-70 Terminators

40+ Characters

10 bikers, 2 Attack bikes

3 Speeders

6 Rhinos

6 Drop pods

3 Razorbacks

4 Landraiders

3 Stormravens

3 Baals

3 Predators

3 Vindicators

1 Fire Raptor

30 Deathwatch

Deathwatch flyer


plus another 40-50ish Primaris at least

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  • Faction: Black Templars
Whew... Let me think. Considering all types of marines, old school, neophytes, terminayors, primaris etc.

Over 100 assembled for sure.
Probably around 100 unassembled.

Sargeant Centurion

Sargeant Centurion


  • 98 posts
  • Faction: Green Ultramarines



+1ª company of Green and Savage Ultramarines.+

-1 Captain in terminator Armour, 10 Tactical Terminators, 10 Assault Terminators, 10 Sternguards in mk3.


+2º company of Green and Savage Ultramarines.+ 

-CG:1 Captain, 1Librarian in terminator armour ,1 Chaplain, 1 Techmarine whit 4 servitors, 1 Liutenant, 1 Command Squad( 2 Veterans, 1 Ancient, champion, Apotecary).

-Elite:  1 venerable dreadnought, 1 dreadnought, 

-Battle line: 60 tactical marines, 5 scouts.

-Fast attack: 10 Assault Marines, 6 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike,1 Land Speeder

-Heavy support: 3 Centurions and 2 buddys helping them whit plasma guns, 10 Devastator Marines, the another 5 devastators are running the next vehicules: 1 Hunter/ stalker, 1 predator, 1 Vindicator, 1 Land Raider.

-Dedicated transports: 5 Rhinos/razorbacks,2 drop pods,1 Land Speeder storm.

-Aereal support: Storm Raven.

-Lord of War: Reboute Guilliman the Avenging Son.


+Primaris support looking at their emblems and not their role entry in the codex.+

-CG: 1 Liutenant, 1 Librarian.

-Elite: 1 Redemptor Dreadnought.

-Batle lines: 5 Intercessors

-Fast attack: 6 Reivers, 3 Inceptors.

-Heavy Support: 5 Hellblasters, 3 agressors.


And of course im thinking to buy a Contemptor Dreadnought, 5 more termis to make a Command Squad, a Stormhawk, 10 more Intercessors, a Repulsor or the new Rhinulsor ( time will tell ) and a Thunderhak to be the jewel of the crown. Astraeus?...why not.

GUMIA!!!, to ME!!!!.




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  • Location:Space City TX
  • Faction: November Warriors

Built, painted and based I have:


Ground Infantry
70 Tactical troops w/ sergeants
10 Sternguard Veterans
10 Legion of the Damned (Flamer, Heavy Flamer)
10 Devastators (Melta x5, Grav Cannon x 5)
5 Vets (Grav x3 Combi-Grav x2)
5 Command Squad vets (w/ Apothecary, Standard Bearer, and Company Champion)
3 Chaplains (1 DV, 1 Metal BA)
3 Librarians (Same as above)
4 Captains (including AOBR based & kitbashed Malakim Phoros)

Jump Infantry
20 Jump Infantry w/ sergeants (4 with Flamers, 10 death company models)
10 Vanguards Vets (5 kitbashed, 5 death company)
5 Command Squad vets (also with Apoth, SB, and CC)
5 Gunslinger vets (counts as command squad)
1 Librarian and Chaplain (converted from Legion of the Damned)
1 Captain (Elam Courbray Counts as)

30 Storm Bolter & Power fist TDA (including DV TDA converted command squad)
10 Tartaros Terminators (5 SB&PF 5 LC)
5 Cataphractii Terminators (LC)
2 Chaplains (including conversion of Capt. Karlean)
2 Librarians (With minor conversion of Space Hulk Libby)
4 Captains (Tyberos, Lysander, SFU Captain, Cataphractii Cap)

4 Servitors (Macrotek Servitor Automata counts as)
2 Thunder Fire Cannons
1 Rapier Quad Mortar

1 Rapier Quad-Lascannon
2 Servo Harness Techmarines
3 Servo Arm Techmarines

1 Servo Harness Techmarine on Bike

1 Biker
3 Legion Scimitar Jetbikes

Air Force
3 Land Speeder Tempests
3 Storm Ravens
2 Storm Talons

2 Storm Hawk Interceptor

1 Xiphon interceptor
1 Nephilim Jet Fighter (counts as Xiphon)
1 Storm Eagle (built by Honda!)
1 Fire Raptor
1 Relic Javelin Attack Speeder
1 Land Speeder


Armour & Transport
7 Land Raiders (Ares, Achilles, Helios, Terminus Ultra, Crusader, Redeemer x2)
7 Predators (2 Annihilator, Destructor, Baal, Deimos Executioner, Deimos Infernus x2)
5 Whirlwinds (1 Hyperios, 1 Scorpius)
3 Vindicators
3 Rhinos/Razorback
2 Fellblades (1 baneblade conversion)

1 Damocles Command Rhino

1 Razorback Rikarius
1 Drop Pod
1 Stalker
1 Sicaran


4 MkV Mortis (2 twin Autocannon, 1 twin LasCannon, 1 twin Missile Launcher)
2 MkV (LasCannon & Missile, MM&PF)
2 Mortis Contemptor (Multia Melta, Kheres Assault cannon)
2 Leviathan (Siege Claw, Siege Drill, Melta Lance, Storm Cannon)
2 Ironclad (CCW&Seismic Hammer, Hurrican Bolter & Chainfist

2 Deredeo (Anvilus Autocannon Battery, Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery, Ailos Missile Launcher x2)

1 Siege Pattern (Siege Drill & Inferno Cannon)
1 Contemptor (Claw, Power Fist)
1 Librarian
1 Chaplain
1 Nemesis DreadKnight

2 Knight Crusader (Epochia Fadi, Ephochia Fellisa)
1 Knight Errant (Temporia Junah)
1 Knight Gallant (Tempris Seguna)

Currently In Construction:
10 Devastators
10 Tempestus Scions
55 Tacticals
12 Bikes
4 Land Speeders
3 Heavy Attack Bikes
1 Whirlwind Scorpius
1 Knight Valiant
1 Knight Castellan
1 Taurox Prime
1 Tempestus Prime
1 Commissar
1 set of Space Hulk Terminators

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War Angel

War Angel


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  • Faction: Eagles Eternal
Do we count models in boxes? Lol.

Painted and ready to go, I have:

Chapter master
10 sternguard
10 terminators

20 tacticals
1 dreadnaught

Gravis captain
2 Primaris LT’s.
1 Primaris ancient
10 intercessors
5 hellblasters
3 inceptors

1 predator
1 whirlwind
1 repulsor
3 drop pods
USMC based Space Marines, the Eagles Eternal check out their WIP blog at The Eagle Spire

Lord Raven 19

Lord Raven 19


  • 366 posts
Kayvaan Shrike
2 gravis captains
1 phobos captain
1 anniversary Primaris captain
3 Primaris Lieutenants
1 Phobos lieutenant
1 converted Primaris chaplain
1 converted Primaris apothecary
1 converted Primaris librarian
1 Phobos Librarian
1 Primaris ancient
15 Intercessors
10 Infiltrators
6 Inceptors
10 Rievers
10 Hellblasters
3 Suppressors
3 Eliminators

Will update if I have Forgotten anything...

Lord Raven19

Lord of Deliverence and Scion of Tallarn; Baron of Krastellan; Champion of Mortarion; Lord under Abaddon.

Victorus aut Mortis




  • 750 posts
Almost to the "FW only" point

Custom Chapter:

150 Tactical Marines
40 assault
50 devs
20 sternguard
20 vanguard
3 command squads
10 honor guard
10 th/as
10 l claw
5 tartaros
40 tactical termies
15 intercessors
15 hellblasters
9 aggressors
13 reivers
6 press
3 vindies
50 scouts
3 storms
3 landspeeders
10 bikes
2 attack bikes
11 rhinos
1 razorback
6 pods
1 LR
2 talons
3 dreads
1 ironclad
1 contemptor
1 redemptor
1 repulsor
So many HQs.
12 interceptors
Just got the imp half of shadowspear

90 tactical marines
30 Chosen
30 terminators
20 raptors
5 warp talons
10 bikes
2 LR
1 Spartan
1 Fire Raptor
7 oblits
3 mutilators
3 sorcs
So many hqs
5 helbrutes
2 contemptors
20 zerkers
40 noise marines

49 tactical
5 blightlords
6 deathshroud
Assorted HQs

1k Sons
20 Rubrics
10 Scarab Occult
2 termite sorcs

Dark Angel's
All the special characters, 5 captains, 2 libby, 2 chaplains
1 battle company
10 deathwing
5 deathwing knights
5 th/as
5 black knights
1 speeder
6 bikes
1 attack bike
10 svouts

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Black Blow Fly

Black Blow Fly


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I have big deep closets.
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fortis Fortuna adiuvat.


=][=my 40k blog:https://greenblowfly.../alan-seds.html - Terminus Est - Space Marines 247=][=



Blood and Honor!




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  • Faction: IG, AC, SM, DE

I'm solely Primaris (and Forge World) now;




Roboute Guilliman


Silver Templars;


1x Chapter Master (Akilios Zanaris)

1x Primaris Librarian (Ares Ionnas)

1x Phobos Librarian

1x Primaris Chaplain (Lampros Hekaton)

1x Primaris Apothecary (Armand Laskari)


3rd Company;


1x Gravis Captain (Zeno Petricias)

2x Primaris Lieutenants

30x Intercessors

9x Aggressors

12x Reivers

1x Primaris Company Ancient

9x Inceptors

3x Suppressors

3x Eliminators

20x Hellblasters

1x Relic Leviathan Dreadnought

2x Redemptor Dreadnoughts

2x Repulsors

1x Repulsor Executioner


10th Company;


1x Phobos Captain (Symeon Nicetas)

1x Phobos Lieutenant

20x Infiltrators

Edited by FelipeFlops, 15 July 2019 - 12:29 PM.

6.5k Imperial Guard

4.4k Adeptus Custodes

4.3k Primaris Marines - Silver Templars

2.3k Imperial Knights

2k Necrons

2k Harelquins

2k T'au Empire

1k Inquisitors + Assassins

Silver Templar Infiltrators






  • 2,208 posts
  • Location:Tallahassee, FL
  • Faction: Silver Skulls
Not home so let me try from memory.

Silver Skulls
Painted/ WIP

1x Temrinator Chapter Master
1x Captain
4x Masters of the Chapter
1x Terminator Chaplain
1x PA Chaplain

10x Terminators
5x Sternguard
5x Veterans (metal)
5x Vanguard (metal)

30x Tacticals
5x scouts
7x Heavy weapons

3x Rhino
2x Predator
2x Land Raider
2x Land speeder
2x Dreadnoughts
1x Venerable Dread

Dark Swords

1x Master
1x Asmodai
1x librarian

15x Terminators
10x Veterans

20x Tacticals

10x Devastators

3x Vindicators
1x Razorback
1x LR Ares

White Scars

10x Devastators

Projects- Built or in subassemblies

10x Vanguard vets
5x Sternguard
20x Death Company
1x Predator

30k Slamanders

1x Terminator Praetor
1x PA Praetor

5x Firedrakes
5x Cataphractii
5x Tartaros
5x Pyroclasts
30x Tacticals
5x Flamers
5x Melts
10x Breacher

2x Contemptor
1x Land Raider
3x Drop Pod

Not even going to try and recount what's still in boxes.

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  • Faction: Iron Warriors

Well, the current infantry component of my IW's is 143 legionaries, I am missing about 12 to get it to 155 marines I want for my Grand Company. Rookie numbers, I know. 

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My Iron Warriors Project   Guns for the guns god!, Bullets for the Brass throne!




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About 270 in total I think. Full DA battle company plus about half a company each of Deathwing and ravenwing. Plus about 60 crimson fists.

Marshal Vespasian

Marshal Vespasian


  • 1,189 posts
  • Location:Germany
  • Faction: Black Templars
Let me think:

30 Crusaders geared for melee
15 Crusaders geared for Ranged combat
3 chaplains
2 Lieutenants
3 Captains
10 Vanguard Veterans
10 Swordbrethren
5 melee Terminators
5 ranged Terminators
3 bikers
3 venerable cybots
1 leviathan
3 rhinos
1 landspeeder
5 intercessors
5 reivers

So roughly a company. Gotta paint some more crusaders I think


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