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PM’s not showing up

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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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So, I got a PM the second of July. I didn’t get any notification about it until today, when I had a notification about another PM I got overnight.
Neither the control panel on mobile, nor the toolbar on desktop showed a pop up for a new PM.

Does this have anything to do with the current email and PM issues? Or is it separate?

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Similar with me.


I had a PM sent to me last night, no bell icon letting me know when I got back from work, but the message icon had a 1 on it letting me know I had a PM. When I opened my notifications last night, the notification about the PM was there, but never had the notification 'active'.


If that makes sense :lol:




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The system is a little unintuitive in that if you get multiple PMs only one will show so you might not be aware you have more new messages. The notification for new message(s) is only for them being new and not unread so if you process one PM the system thinks you're aware and the notification is removed. This can be extra fun if you are in the habit of opening multiple tabs but might close one (as a new PM is shown on next visit only).


So there could be a few things at work, I'll need to know more to look into it in detail but we might be a bit stuck with the current software. PMs are only related to emails in that they can be sent as emails, so them being disabled is unrelated. Could be worse, during the mongo heresy the PM pop up could appear off the page laugh.png

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Got my last pm June 22nd and no problems with that one.


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