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1st Tyranid List and where to go next

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Hi all,


Just started collecting Tyranids, so far I have: Lictor, Carifex, 12 Terms, 1x Ripper.


The aim is to slow build starting at 500 points and then building by 250pt increments.


For my starting list I was looking at, and wanting feedback on the below.


Patrol - Kraken



Neurothrope, Chameleonic Mutation, Synaptic Lynchpin, Onslaught



12x Hormagaunts, Adrenal glands

3x Ripper Swarm

24x Termagants (16 Devourer, 8 Fleshborer)






Carnifex, 2x Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal glands, Bone mace, Spore Cysts, Toxin sacs, Tusks


Would you replace anything and where would you go next?



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Lautrec the Embraced

Lautrec the Embraced


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First of all, I don't want to suggest only the most competitive units. I think you should really buy whatever strike your fancy. It's no fun painting units that you don't like just because someone claims they're good.
Now, time for some suggestions:

- Playing Kraken you can't go wrong with some Genestealers. Very fast and deadly in melee. A unit or two is a good idea imo.

- You want to build a battalion ASAP. You already have 3 Troops choices so you would need only a second HQ choice. I'd advice to consider a Broodlord. Way cheaper than a Hive Tyrant, very descent in combat and can't be shot easily. It also lets all Jeanstealers hit on 2+.

- Since you already have a Neurothrope in your list it seems only reasonable to take a unit of Zoanthropes. They can be both buffed and healed by Neuro and are hard to kill with their 3+ invulnerable save.

- Lastly, some firepower would be nice. Tyranids have some interesting choices: Biovores, Hive Guard or Carnifex with Devourers. All have their merits: Biovores have unique ability to spam mortal wounds, HGuard offers stronger firepower and Carnifex has crazy amount of shots. There are many more options, like powerful Exocrine or Tyrannofex, but for now I'd suggest one the aforementioned trio.

It would also be advisable to browse through other lists on the forum to see what others think.

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