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Swiftclaw suppository 2000pts

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So I've been looking at bloodclaw units this addition and noticed that both sky claw and swiftclaw units can come in groups of 15 now. So here's a list idea based on taking a 15 man bike unit and using it like a drunken rodeo clown with a thunder hammer.

Also I had to type all of this from my phone so I hope it's not too hard to read.

Battalion detachment 8cp
Stratagem: cunning of the wolf: -1cp
Stratagem: trophies of fenris: -1cp


wolford on thunder wolf
W/ krakenbone sword,combi-flamer, saga of the wolfkin

Wolfpriest in terminator armor
W/ Helm of durfast, combi-plasma, crozius


Redemtor dreadnought
W/ macro-plasma incinerator, onslaught gatling cannon, icarus rocket pod, x2 storm bolters, redemtor fist

Wulfen x5
W/ x2 axe
X2 hammer and shield
Pack leader with claws

Wolf guard terminators x5
W/ x5 power axe,x5 combi-melta


Grey hunters x10
W/ banner, x9 bolter, x9 bolt pistol, x9 chain sword
Pack leader w/ bolter, pistol, power axe

Grey hunters x10
W/ banner, x9 bolter, x9 bolt pistol, x9 chain sword
Pack leader w/ bolter, pistol, power axe

Intercessor squad x5
W/ x5 bolt rifle, x5 bolt pistol
Pack leader with chain sword

Dedicated transport:
Drop pod w/ storm bolter

Fast attack:

Suppressor squad x3
W/ x3 grav-chute, x3 suppressor auto-cannon

Thunderwolf calvary x5
W/ x5 wolf claw, x5 bolter

Swiftclaw x15
W/ x14 chain sword
Pack leader w/ power fist

So the idea here is to put swiftclaws up front, followed by wolflord, thunder wolves, wulfen, and suppressors, and behind the main force goes the redemtor and intercessor squad. Everyone else goes in reserve. One grey hunter squad goes on the hunt, the other goes in the drop pod.

Swiftclaws fire at and smash into anything and everything in range ( as bloodclaws do) getting re-rolls from the wolf lord and charge re-rolls from the wulfen.

Wolf lord supports other units and hunts characters, while thunder wolves and wulfen provide scary units to make my opponent sweat, and provide counter charges for swiftclaws and wolf lord.

Primaris units provide fire support and hold the midfield, with intercessors covering the back of the "spear" from deep strikes as well.

Turn 2 grey hunters pop in my opponent's back field close to each other and try to wipe out units in the open, objective/ruin campers. Terminators tank/monster hunt and provide an anchor for the rest of the army. Wolfpriest comes in where needed.

So what do you guys think? C&C ?

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