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Kill Team Tactica: Gellerpox Infected

Kill Team game Gellerpox Infected

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Doom Herald

Doom Herald


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There is going to be a small local tournament Saturday for kill team. It will be 100 pts, no commanders or elites. I'm planning on taking Gellerpox and I'm curious as to some tactics and builds others might recommend.

Currently, this is what I'm looking at running:
Gnasher Screamer (Veteran)
Mutant (Leader)
Mutant (Demo)
×4 Eyestinger Swarms
×3 Cursemites
Glitchling (Scout)

Total: 97pt

I don't believe we are running command rosters, it's really just 1 team.

I'm planning to try to leverage the Veteran strat to hurl Gnasher Screamer into combat ASAP. The Demo Mutant I'm going to use for grenades and possibly teleporting to get places. Eyestinger are kind of a go to from what I've seen for Gellerpox due to the speed, penalty to being hit, and ignoring flesh wounds. Glitchlings are pretty durable and will be used to hold objectives. Cursemites are a point filler mostly, but have a little speed and seem like they will get into melee well enough to tie things up. I am considering dropping the non-specialist mutant or a couple cursemites to put my points under 90 in hopes of getting 1 more CP so I can try to Veteran advance, charge, and use Rancid Vomit for the potential mortal wounds on top of the combat turn 1. Would this be a big mistake?

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Master Ciaphas

Master Ciaphas


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I sounds like fun - but what I really want to see, if pictures of that Kill Team!



Master Ciaphas

Never Forget, Never Forgive


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