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Wayward Sons of Asromiamun: Retinue of Lord Kazem

Thousand Sons Imperium Rubric Marines Scarab Occult Terminators Terminator Sorcerer

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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"We know our enemy in a way the Inquisition cannot fathom, and we choose to side with the Emperor." - Kazem Eftekhar, Master Interrogator of the Wayward Sons


The Wayward Sons are a modelling and lore project I took on because I wanted to run Thousand Sons... but I don't particularly like Tzeentch as a god. So I grabbed a box of Rubricae and thought "hey, I can run this idea for Kill Team, no problem, it'll only take like five models". The project has since blossomed into many, many ideas, namely to expand them to - funnily enough, I calculated this in Battlescribe after coming up with what I wanted to run for the full warband - exactly 1000 points. I started with Kazem Eftekhar, the interrogator of the warband. When running for Imperium, he's a counts-as Dark Angels Librarian with hand flamer and force staff. When running for Chaos, he's an Aspiring Sorcerer in charge of a squad of Rubricae. The Wayward Sons run effectively pre-Heresy Thousand Sons colors (metallic red with gold detailing) and are color-coded by the color of the gemstone on their power packs. I'm color-coding them by the counts-as Imperium version of their squad leader, as well, which is why Kazem's is green (to match the Dark Angels). Future Sorcerers will use deep blue (for the Codex Librarian) fiery red (for the Blood Angels Librarian) baby blue/slate blue (for the Rune Priest) and silver (for Asromiamun himself).


Edit: In case anyone was wondering, the recipe for the main armor color is Balthasar Gold with Contrast Blood Angel, and the detailing is straight Balthasar. For the visors, I used Reaper Dragon Blue, I used Abaddon Black for the end of that one flamer, I used Reaper Blade Steel for the Soulreaper Cannon's barrels, more Blood Angel for the runic panels on the guns, Army Painter Warpaints Angel Green with 'Ardcoat over it for the gemstones on the packs, and Moot Green with 'Ardcoat for Kazem's staff. I used unmodified Reaper Leather Brown for the tabards, capes, what have you.


Apologies for the utterly garbage photography, I was too excited to wait for daylight.




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"All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power." - Sindri Myr


"There is no meaning, no purpose. We murder, we kill. It is mindless savagery, this UNIVERSE is mindless!" - Azariah Kyras


Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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It might just be the photos but for this sort of pallet of very close colours you need a lot more contrast on the shading.


A wash with Agrax Earthshade gloss or adding some harsh lines with some very dark brown ink would go a long way in stopping the copper and the brass from just blurring together to the eye.


It might just be the pure balthazar gold that doesn't work but its hard to tell.

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