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2k List Nikola Would Be Proud Of

Tesla Spam

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Looking to start a new army and hoping for some advice. What I dont want to do is spend money on units that are useless/bad.

The list needs to be able to deal with 3 things:

1) Knights

2) Hordes and/or chaff

3) Adeptus Mechanicus Robots (the 18 shot/model variant)


Battalion: Mephrit

 - +5CP




 - WLT: Merciless Will

 - The Voltaic Staff

 - Telsa Cannon



 - Veil of Darkness

 - Warscythe



10 Immortals

 - Telsa Carbines


10 Immortals

 - Tesla Carbines


10 Warriors



Fast Attack

8 Tomb Blades

 - Tesla Carbines


8 Tomb Blades

 - Tesla Carbines


6 Destroyers

 - Gauss Cannons



Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge

 - Tesla Cannon


Annihilation Barge

 - Tesla Cannon




Night Shroud Bomber


Night Shroud Bomber




How this list is supposed to work:

The destroyers with the stratagem are for anti-tank/knights. If needed i can veil of darkness them into range, drop MWBD, and the stratagems for re-roll to hit & wound, and 6's cause additional hits.  This will hurt a lot.


Tomb Blades & Immortals are so versatile. With the number of shots they can deal with hordes and put the hurt on vehicles.


I am sceptical with the annihilation barges.  They are similar in points and wounds to 8 tesla immortals but more susceptible to multi damage shots, cant be MWBD'd and have 5 less shots, in exchange for better movement and  +2T and +2S on 8 of their shots.  They are probably slightly over costed, and its a shame they cant take 2 tesla carbines.  Still they might make good distraction units.


The Night shroud bomber...these are so expensive (in points and $$$).  I have these purely to deal with stupid admech robots.  They also look cool.

Probably not worth it and i could change these out for 2 Night Scythes and a Pret Stalkers.


The CCB also is so cool, and really what made me want to do a necron list, as such it stays in no matter what. He is used to go character sniping and put out some CC potential



Only have 7 CP after taking the 2 relics. Fortunatly there are not too many stratagems i want to use.

Range. Everything has a max 24" range gun. This is somewhat offset with the veil and fast vehicles but can still be crippling.

I also have a very low model count and no transports to protect the immortals.

Lastly, while this list can deal with a single knight pretty well, it will struggle to deal with multiple of them or a vehicle heavy lists.





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One thing you are missing, and glaringly so vs knights or kastellan robots, is AP. Those destroyers you best believe will be priority #1 for an opponent to take out. Once they're gone, there is volume of fire here, but it is going to struggle against some of the things you mentioned.


Honestly, a Triarch stalker might be a good investment with twin heavy gauss cannons, giving all that tesla reroll 1s means more tesla procs, means more hits.


I also would recommend going Sautekh, if you do, you can't do the sniper barge, but the Sautekh methodical destruction strat is better than 6s give you an extra shot for Mephrit.

Also, it lets you proc your telsa weapons on 4s vs your painted target.
Say its a knight. Fire the stalker. Give your army reroll 1s vs that target.
Now, if you wounded it, play methodical destruction on it, now your MWBD units are at +2 to hit, and proc tesla on 4+. 

I'd find a way to squeeze a lord in there to buff your shooting with the reroll 1s to wound aura.


Why the Night Shrouds? I don't think their bombs are particularly effective vs heavy targets. Likely to give you a smattering of mortal wounds sure, but not enough to wipe robots or a knight. (If its a group of 3 robots, max mortal wounds is 9 per Night Shroud, or max 3 mortal wounds vs a knight.) Might be better served with doomsday arks.

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A Triarch Stalker does not have the SAUTEKH keyword and (unfortunately) cannot trigger the Methodical Destruction stratagem.

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