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Neat proxy idea, need a size comparison

Astra Militarum

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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I had the (probably not uncommon) idea to pick up some Star Wars: Legion models to run as a fun proxy for Astra Militarum. AT-STs as Sentinels, Stormtroopers as Infantry Squads, Darth Vader as a Primaris Psyker, etc. How's the size match up? 28mm? Is the AT-ST the same size as a Sentinel, bigger, smaller?

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Not too bad I'd say


From what I've seen though it looks like the AT-AT is more sized to a Knight titan


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The Rebel AT-RT would be a better fit for the Sentinel, as they are almost the same size.  You might want to replace the rider, however - or you can wait and hope that they re-release it for the Republic.

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Just googled what that was

It does look like a perfect candidate for a Scout Sentinel counts as, although to be honest I really like the GW kits for the current sentinels and given the similarity I'm not sure what you would be gaining? 

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I'd like to know how well the scale for infantry parts would compare. For instance, there's plenty for alternate heads made for Legion available on Shapeways, but there's no way of telling how well they'd fit on GW models, guardsmen in particular.

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Marshal Rohr

Marshal Rohr


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I used the Legion Scout Trooper models to try and make Solar Auxilia pioneers and my main take away's were this:


-The arms can be used on marine or necromunda scaled models and not look out of place on the table, but will be noticeably longer and out of proportion up close.

-The torsos are too long

-The combination of star wars helmets being very large and the bigger sizes of Legion models mean the heads are entirely incompatible

-The weapons are true to star wars scale, so will fit GW heroic scale weapons models - but the weapons are not seperate pieces and take a lot of work to remove from the Legion models. 

-The bases are smaller and taller than GW Bases

-The resin itself is not a hard resin, but very gummy. A modeling saw wont work, you have to use a scalpel and scalpels cannot achieve even cuts


Overall, the Legio models are really nice - for a star wars game. They require so much work and cutting and sculpting even at the cheaper prices it would be easier to source a GW kit. 

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