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Rise of the revanent destroyers.

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Beatnik cryptek

Beatnik cryptek


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a guy on fb is making wraith destroyer conversions and did a background on them. I kinda like it.,

A little background for those who find that it makes conversions more acceptable.

It was without warning the silent king of the necron race received a missive from his agents in the triarch of most disturbing events on a small throneworld thought lost.

Triarch forces had reached the throneworld of the Ra' Mephis dynasty, a small one but still a world under the mandate of the triarch, To their dismay they found a gutted ork hulk in orbit, ork life signs on the surface and, curiously, reading that were unmistakably necron but did not comport with any known Necron forms.

With a sense of urgency, a team of praetorians was dispatched to gather data.Were these anomalous necron forms a threat to the race? Had the orks somehow with their vile ingenuity created an altered form of necron? Neither scenario could be allowed to continue.

Careful observation over time revealed the anomalous necron reading to be an apparent amalgamation of necron and canoptek construct, a horror and blasphemy in necron eyes. The forms had bodies similar to the wraith construct, tho with definite alterations. The wraith face plate bore a necron head, the scythes of a wraith were replaced with a weapon that appeared to be a pair of immortal gauss blasters merged into a single weapon that fired in a manner indistinguishable from a gauss cannon. The other scythe was replaced with a necron arm, apparently from an immortal and usually gripping a blade much like those normally mounted on immortal gauss blasters.

The anomalous entities were clearly not automata like wraiths, and showed intelligence and behavior that were near identical to that associated with destroyers.

Continued observation was ordered, and a pattern was found. The unknown necron units would wait until a new wave of orks emerged and had had time to spread their spores, then launch a calculated wave of attacks that resulted in the annihilation of every mobile ork on the planet's surface in an orgy of raging hate and cold calculation that left even the praetorian observers at least slightly shocked.

Orks were routed, allowed to retreat and regroup then assaulted again over and over in a clear effort to make the slaughter last as long as possible.
The strange necrons would withdraw, new orks would emerge from the ground, grow, spread spores, and the cycle would repeat. Evidence suggested it has been going on for over a century, as men reckoned time.

Eventually the praetorians were ordered to make contact with these mysterious necrons and determine if they were a threat or possibly a resource.
Messenger scarabs were sent. and destroyed on sight, more and more were sent until one was apparently allowed to deliver it's holographic communique'.

Not long after a new form of necron appeared, similar to the others but with the head of a high ranking necron lord affixed to it's fore, and approached the praetorians.

The Lord of the unknown necrons spoke, with some difficulty, and told the story of how the orks had assaulted his throneworld before it had awakened and wrought horrific carnage upon it before the defense batteries could open fire and rip the attacking vessel asunder.

But by then orks beyond number had landed, and the central tomb complex was overrun, the destruction of the still dormant necrons nearly complete.

But only nearly.

The phaeron barely survived despite much of his form destroyed, as did his greatest cryptek, likewise maimed. The two were driven by despair, hatred and thirst for vengeance.

The cryptek assayed the resources the orks left them and began to work with efficiently. Combining parts of necrons with intact mindcores with the forms of canoptek automata in a normally unthinkable operation he created powerful combat units that were as effective as they were abominable. To a necron, there was a sharp and unbreakable division between a true necron, even the humblest, most mindless warrior , and a construct . All necrons were at one time living, feeling beings with souls and minds. To merge one with a construct was a phantasm of horror and an unspeakable obscenity to any necron.

Perhaps thru pure hatred and need for vengeance the lord and cryptek ignited sparks of renewed sentience in the inert mindcores of the rebuilt necrons. Deathmarks were chosen first due to their intelligence and cunning to be the minds driving the metal chimeras that emerged, and the destroyer combat model was used as a template to imitate.

As the orks claimed ''their" new world they were unaware that the "junk" they had discarded was being reanimated in a new, twisted and deadly form driven by hatred and a need for vengeance that was both blazing and frigid at the same time.

The attack caught the greenskin filth unprepared. tho they rallied and fought with their customary speed and enthusiasm, it was too late, the enemy was upon them and their thirst for vengeance would not be denied.

Within a month the last functional ork was naught but carbon dust in the winds.

Within a year new orks were emerging from the ground, in an act that initially enraged the lord of the reverent necrons, but then intrigued him. The most stable minds at his disposal were assigned to study the situation and concluded the "orks" as they called themselves, were likely a seriously degraded form of the Krorks created by the Old Ones and, just as the silent king predicted, had degenerated and decayed over time to a far smaller, weaker, more anarchistic and less combat effective form that reproduced by spores with grew underground and produced a functional and so called "educated" individual capable of combat almost upon emergence.

A joy colder than the depths of interstellar space grew in the Lord's memory of a soul. they would allow these beasts to grow, spread their spores, then savor the joy of massacring them over and over.

And so it was.

To their horror it was found the crypteks spent their time not involved in killing orks creating more of the revanent destroyer abominations and there were millions of wrecked bodies to continue working on.

The lord of the revenant necrons then, with great difficulty, asked the triarch to find out if other worlds of his dynasty still existed and if they could be saved from a fate like their throneworld. It was clear that to feel or express concern for the welfare of his former fellows was difficult for the wretched abomination before them, and the praetorians felt tremendous respect for him to be able to do so as he now was. Clearly he had been a leader of great nobility, once. Even as a warped perversion he retained some traces of his former self.

They assured him they would seek out his former fellows and do all they could to aid them, and made plans to destroy the entire planet to erase this horror upon the necron race.

Szarekh himself stayed their hand, recognizing that these abhorrences were indeed unspeakable, yet were a useful resource to his race. In exchange for allowing them to continue to exist and create more of themselves, numbers of these revanent destroyers would be taken to serve other dynasties. Better such abominations be used and expended in battle, doing the killing which they craved so fanatically, than intact necrons.

There was no protest from the revanent lord, and the monsters he had created took their place fighting for the future of a race they were now abominable to.

Edited by Beatnik cryptek, 23 July 2019 - 06:00 AM.

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May we and those we care for all make our toughness and armor rolls versus COVID is this dark hour we find ourselves in.




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You're a good writer.  Some bits here and there you can strengthen but all in all you can write.

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