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2k ITC knights/admech list

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  • Faction: Knights/imperial fists
Imperial Knight lance 6 CP
House: Krast

Knight Castellan: 2 shieldbreaker missiles & 2 twin siegebreaker cannons; Cawl’s Wrath 704

Knight Crusader: rapid-fire battle cannon; heavy stubber; ironstorm missile pod 494

Knight Warden: thunderstrike gauntlet; heavy stubber 411

Allied Adeptus Mechanicus Battalion : Graia
Tech-priest Enginseer 30

Tech-priest Enginseer 30

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

Skorpius Disintegrator : Ferrumite cannon 116

Onager Dunecrawler: Icarus array; broad spectrum data-tether 110

2,000 points

So the list is pretty straight forward, Krast for obvious reasons. The Graia Battalion is there for the ignore psykers on 4+ strat and to hold objectives and semi screen.

The two mechanicus tanks are there to lend some AA/AT fire support (protector doctrine imperative strat is awesome for shooting eldar flyers with the Skorpius). Comments and feedback most welcome!

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