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How do I include "other" datasheets in an army?

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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If I wanted to, could I take, say, a datasheet from First Strike (that little starter set which is just the press-fit Intercessors, Reivers, Plague Marines and Poxwalkers all together) in a full army, and if so, what point values would I use? Let's say I wanted to use the 6-model Poxwalker units from First Strike to more quickly and lower-value build a Death Guard Brigade. Would I pay the 6 points apiece for the Poxwalkers as according to the Death Guard Codex, or?

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If you use a datasheet then you use all the relevant parts - including points costs.  If you dont have points costs then you cant use that datasheet in a battle forged matched points list and will need to 'counts as' and use them in a different datasheet.


However you do need to match faction keywords (other than Imperium, chaos & aeldari) to be able to include a datasheet in an battle forged army.

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Not in matched play. The data sheets in those boxes are meant to be used only with the boxes. They are just starter datasheets to get people started.

The most current datasheet is always the valid one (with some exceptions for Index options) for matched play. 


Captain Antargo

Captain Antargo


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The points cost reduction is mainly based from weapons as the units from starter boxes have less wargear/ no wargear options.


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