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What are you looking forward to most in the RG supplement?

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Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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I'm strongly considering some herohammer.

2 Librarians, 1 jump pack, 1 Phobos.

Shrike and a Phobos Captain.

A jump Chaplain and a Phobos Lieutenant.

Running in a double Battalion.

Sounds cool - how would you use them?

Jump pack Libby is getting the 4+ invuln power and Spectral Blade to be a beatstick character. He's also going to have Armor of Shadows for more durability since he only has 4 wounds.

The Chaplain will likely be the Warlord with Master of the Trifold Path for a second Warlord trait. Likely Swift and Deadly and Imperium's Sword.

Shrike will be going with them, but not as the Warlord. I'm setting it up that way so Shrike grants rerolls and doesn't have to go in first to deny overwatch. Going to run a 10 man Vanguard Veterans squad with twin claws with those 3 so I can use Hanmer of Wrath on something for some mortal wounds.

The Phobos Libby will have Shadowstep and a power to be determined later. He's the utility guy.

The Phobos Captain will be getting Ex Tenebris and babysitting the Eliminators to make sure they don't miss.

The Phobos LT will be deep striking in with a unit of Reivers for late game objectives.
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I've thought of something similar, I lack the jump pack libby but will soon have the chaplain for Draco's HQ painting event.

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Aww Dracos, you're adorable. Your post made me all warm and fuzzy inside. :D

Chew on some stalks Cornhusker :eyeroll: lol
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