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2K AdMech and Knights, ITC format

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Hello all. I'm normally a casual/Narrative player but my buddy who plays has some friends who want to do an ITC style team battle. So I thought I'd pull out my AdMech/Knights, whom I rarely use, and give them a shot. I'd love some comments/criticism on the list.


AdMech Battalion (Stygies VIII)


Techpriest Dominus (Necromechanic, Eradication ray, macrostubber) 92pts

Techpriest Dominus (Autocaduceus, bolkit, phosphor) 92pts

Techpriest Enginseer 30pts


Rangers (5, Omnispex, 2x Arqs) 72pts

Rangers (5, Omnispex, 2x Arqs) 72pts

Vanguard (5, data-tether, 2x plasma) 67pts

Vanguard (5, data-tether, 2x arc rifle) 53pts


Inflitrators (5, flechette/taser) 90pts


Onager (Neutron laser, stubber, data-tether) 119pts

Onager (Icarus array, stubber, data-tether) 112pts


Knights Super-Heavy Detachment (House Raven)


Knight Crusader (thermal cannon, avenger cannon, stormspear, melta) 509pts

Armiger Helverins (2, stubber) 344pts

Armiger Warglaives (2, melta) 348pts


Total- 2000pts


My basic idea would to have the Warlord Dominus stay with the Crusader/Warglaives while the other Dominus moves with the Onagers. Helverins provide support from the rear with the troops locking down a couple of rear objectives. The Inflitrators are mainly for distraction or annoyance, popping up to harass the enemy's rear objective grabbers.


I still have some AdMech left, but not a lot (its my third army after a 4k DA army and a new Harlequin experiment); I have a Knight Atrapos, 3 more Enginseers, 10 basic Vanguard, and four servo-arm serivtors. My Knight Crusader is magnetized to do anything aside from a Preceptor, and my Onagers can switch between Neutrons or Icarus as needed.






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I personally dont upgrade my troops unless theres nothing else I can do with the points. Theyre there to hold objectives as Engineers or to just provide a screen and stop the assaults coming in.


I would get rid of one Dominus as he doesnt add anything to your gameplan. The Engineseer can keep up and heal those guys.


I think your points on troops are wrong to. The rangers should be only 48 maybe? and the vanguard 48 with Arc?

Snipper Rifles: 36", Heavy D3 Rending, as they hurl barber's scissors across the battlefield with deadly precision!

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