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First Draft Guard 3k List - Returning after 10 Years

Guard Astra Militarum List 3000 3k Imperial Guard

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Evening All,


I'm proudly returning to the hobby after 10 years, having discovered that alcohol costs money and gives you a headache, and women... well do the same thing, really...


Previously played Space Marines but they seem fairly irrelevant in the Primaris era; plus I always wanted to collect Guard (and let's face it I want an excuse to build a new army). This is my draft 3k list - designed to fit all the rules but I expect to play fairly casually.


List includes plenty of cheap infantry supported by commissars, commanders and a priest. Designed to screen, die and hold objectives. 3 mortar squads because they are cheap anti-light inf artillery. Pask and two LRs all with Punishers for dakka. 2 sentinels and a hellhound for extra support. Hydra for anti-air. Vindicare Assassin for warlord sniping.


3x Tank Commanders in the Super-Heavy Detachment with battlecannons and Catachan (re-roll dice for total shots); fluff-wise representing tank aces. Baneblade supported by a Tech-Priest and a Trojan allowing re-rolls to hit.


Pros: heavy tank line and large troop count, high command points. Cons; no physcic, no deep strike, slow moving, no long range artillery.


3,000pts, 51PL, 19 CP.


AM Battalion Detachment (5 CP), Battle-forged (3 CP), Cadian

Operative Requisition Sanctioned (-2 CP, 85pts)



Company Commander - 34pts

Warlord; Grand Strategist Trait, Kaurov's Aquila Relic, Laspistol, Power Sword


Knight Commander Pask - 229pts

Punisher Gatling Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter, Hunter-killer Missle


Lord Commissar - 35pts

Bolt pistol, Power Sword



Infantry Squad - 51pts (x2 = 102pts)

Lasguns, 1x Vox-caster, 1x flamer, Sergeant w/ laspistol and chainsword


Infantry Squad - 48pts (x2 = 96pts)

Lasguns, 1x Vox-caster, 1x grenade launcher, Sergeant w/ laspistol and chainsword


Heavy Support

Leman Russ Punisher - 168pts (x2 = 336pts)

Punisher Gatling Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter


AM Brigade Detachment (12 CP), Cadian



Company Commander - 31pts (x3 = 93pts)

Boltgun, Chainsword, Frag Grenades



Infantry Squad - 51pts (x3 = 153pts)

Lasguns, 1x Vox-caster, 1x flamer, Sergeant w/ laspistol and chainsword


Infantry Squad - 48pts (x3 = 144pts)

Lasguns, 1x Vox-caster, 1x grenade launcher, Sergeant w/ laspistol and chainsword



Commissar - 24pts

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist


Commissar - 24pts

Plasma Pistol, Power Sword


Ministorum Priest - 47pts

Eviscerator, Frag & Krak grenades, laspistol


Fast Attack

Armoured Sentinel - 40pts (x2 = 80pts)



Hellhound - 119pts

Inferno Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter, Track Guards


Heavy Support

Heavy Weapons Team - 33pts (x3 = 99pts)

3x Mortars


Hydra - 93pts

Quad Autocannon, Heavy Bolter


AM Supreme Command Detachment (1 CP), Catachan



Tank Commander - 202pts (x3 = 606pts)

Battle Cannon, Lascannon, Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber



Tech-Priest Enginseer - 30pts

Laspistol, Omnissah Axe, Servo-arm


Lords of War

Baneblade - 504pts

Baneblade Battle Cannon, Autocannon, Demolisher Cannon, Adamantium Tracks, Heavy Stubber, Twin Heavy Bolter, Lascannon & Twin Heavy Bolter Sponson x2


Dedicated Transport

Trojan Support Vehicle - 100pts

Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter


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Looks like a good mix. At this points level, having lots of everything is a good idea and you have that. Don't forget to post any battle reports with it in the barracks :)
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