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T'au tokens/markers for Kill Team (WIP)

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Here is the initial stab at tokens/markers for the Kill Team game. The one thing holding me back right now is that I haven't figured out what graphic(s) to use for the various xenos Commander Aura tokens. The forces of the Imperium use a laurel; the forces of Chaos use a Chaos star stylized as a laurel. If I can't figure out a decent generic graphic to use for all xenos factions/sub-factions, I may have to come up with different graphics for each xenos faction/sub-faction (which will slow me down, but that's okay if it's for the best).

Normally I show a Commander Aura and Psychic Effect token, but lacking the Commander Aura graphic, here's the objective marker:


I imagine there are sub-factions within the T'au for which I can create stylized tokens (similar to those for various Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes), but I'll need some help with the colors/graphics.



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