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2k Pure Krieg

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I've been thinking about the Death Korp of Krieg lately (who doesn't?!?) And I'm thinking of running my Solar Auxilia models as Death Korp. I'd have to find something SAish to use as Death Riders but I've been thinking about that for some time and I'm fine with it.


Death Korps Brigade:

Death Rider Commander - Powefist and Demolition Charge

Death Korps Marshall - Chainsword, Laspistol, and Momento Mori

Marshal Karis Venner - Warlord

6x Death Korps Infantry Squad - Flamers and Chainsword (Sargent)

Combat Engineer Squad x10 - Meltagun x2 and Demolition Charge

Death Rider Command Squadron

Death Rider Commissar

3x Death Rider Squadron x10

3x Death Korps HWS - Lascannons


Death Korps Battalion:

2x Death Korps Marshall - Chainsword, Laspistol, and Momento Mori

3x Death Korps Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher and Chainsword (Sargent)


Death Korps Battalion:

2x Death Korps Field Officer - Chainsword and Laspistol

3x Death Korps Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher and Chainsword (Sargent)


-2 CP for an assassin


Battle Plan:

I'm light on AT, so attrition will be a big part of the game. Using orders and outlfanking to close quickly with lockable things will, hopefully, help. 9/10 times my assassin will be a Vindicare in order to get turbo pentrator rounds. It is a bit unfluffy, but if I need more help with tough targets I'm thinking about adding psykers instead of a few officers. If accuracy is a problem, but I don't need the assassin, I'll swap the assassin for Yarrick.


Can this be competitive?

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"I think you really need to be a guard player in order to have that kind of attitude about casualties. My forces were killed to a man for slight strategic gain? All I heard was a buzzing noise until that part about strategic gain."
-Ailarian, Hand of the Kind XXXI

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You are going to struggle... gloriously for the emprah and for the redemption of krieg.
I love it. Solid list - a shed load of boots, a ton of horses for gnarly hth, lascannons and melts squad for AT...
friendly games this list will be a lot of fun, tourney wise I feel like you’ll have a good time as long as you don’t expect to top tier against the power gamers as you’re lacking heavily in mobility for scoring units and in anti super heavy.
Looking forward to seeing pics




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assassin unfluffy....... have you seen the film Stalingrad!!!

I am creating a custom regiment, the Fallax Hammers based on Necromunda models. Please take a moment to view Work in Progress here




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