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Tactical Restraint, clarifying what it retrains

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chapter master 454

chapter master 454


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So the rule was made because people ran around with with warlord traits and relics that just refunded CP off of stratagem use however I never really caught if it restricted CP generation from abilities (since we didn't have those) like the new psychic powers.


So the example would be (and lets be nutty):


We have our Ultramarine player. He has a Phobos librarian with the obsure power of mind raid, a librarian with scryer's gaze, one of them is the warlord with adept of the codex and a vindicare assassin all primed and ready. He has managed to corner the enemy warlord and will now perform a series of powers to gain CP and end the warlords life. He uses Scryer's Gaze, gains 1CP. He then uses mind raid to hit the enemy warlord and succeeds and gaining another CP (now at 2). He then has the vindicare fire and kill the warlord, activating the assassin stratagem to gain CP (so now another +2 because 1 to use the stratagem but +3 from killing the warlords, total gain so far +4) and then finally the adept of the codex triggers and using some loaded dice gets 5 and is refunded the CP for a total of 5CP returned (before being punted out of the tournament for cheating).


Would that be correct to be able to gain 5CP in one round or does the tactical restraint actually throttle it? (so would the total gain only be something like 3?)

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Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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Tactical restraint explicitly doesn't affect stratagems with Feeder Tendrils being the main example on the FAQ release.



There are several Warlord Traits, Relics, psychic powers and abilities that give you a chance to gain or refund Command Points. Each player can only gain or have refunded a total of 1 Command Point per battle round as the result of such rules, regardless of the source, and Command Points that are spent on Stratagems that are not used during a battle round, such as those that are used ‘before the battle’, can never be refunded.The limit of gaining or refunding 1 Command Point per battle round does not apply to the Moment Shackle or the Seven-fold Chant abilities, or to or the Player of the Twilight Warlord Trait – in these cases, the ability/Warlord Trait can refund or gain the player more than 1 Command Point if the Stratagem used cost 2 or more Command Points to use, but once any Command Points have been gained as a result of the rule, neither it, nor any similar rule, can be used to gain any more Command Points until the next battle round. Also note that this does not apply to Command Points that are gained or refunded as specifically instructed on Stratagems (e.g. Feeder Tendrils and Agents of Vect).


Psychic powers aren't excepted so they won't stack. So you can get 3 from the assassin stratagem and then 1 from either Scyrer's Gaze, Mind Raid or Adept of the Codex.

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