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8th ed tau VS salamanders 1,500 points

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We got in a game today testing out the new space marine rules.

I used my mantic forge fathers primaris "salamanders" (if marines are gonna be better they are gonna be dwarves)

Spearhead detachment-
.captain with MC bolter and power maul
.tech marine on a bike with axe/conversion beamer/armor indomitable
.venerable dread double autocannon
.venerable dread twin autocannon DCCW/storm bolter
.inceptors (3)
.storm eagle ROC pattern


Not sure how he separated it but he was running 2 vanguard detachments

each had a coldstar commander, ghostkeel, 2 stealth suit squads each, a pathfinder squad and 2 remora stealth drone fighters. and a bunch of drones to escort all of it.
So a super stealth assault army, a bit odd for tau.


Not going to go into a long winded explanation. we had a central objective which he held until the final turn, he pushed very hard and he was a pain to hit and wound due to all the stealth and drones.

I lost both dreads, my captain, all but 2 of my hell plasters, but I managed to kill everything he had save one stealth suit and his 2 drone fighters. I used the devastator doctrine the entire game.

the final positions(I forgot to take more pics)


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