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Enjoying Apocalypse!

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My gaming club had it's first Apocalypse game yesterday. We had an even number of people so figured screw it and play a large 3v3 game over two battlefields pushed together. I have to say it was a blast!


It started with players throwing down their bombardment cards and sending waves of exploding but ultimately ineffective death into each other's lines. My own team's bombardment card targeted about 15 units and caused only 2-3 blast markers in total with some terrible rolling. 


I was playing Deathwatch myself and ended up with my Veterans taking a building in the middle of the left flank and dishing out a few wounds before a Stompa blasted 2/3rds of them out of existence. The rest of his superheavy pals were focused on a Tau Hammerhead formation that posed a big threat to it and there was lots of Lascannon, Railgun and general Ork Dakka being traded down the left flank. A mechanised formation of Veterans meanwhile snuck up under the munitions that were screaming over their heads to in a suicidal gambit that the heavy kit would be destroyed before reaching the Ork frontlines.


The right flank had a Lord of Skulls and his friends sprinting towards Space Wolf lines. Unfortunately for the Lord of Skulls the Space Wolves had an armoured column filled with Lascannons that lit up the entire flank and slammed into the Khornate monstrosity. It survived the barrage of lasers but failed a morale test (do superheavies really take morale checks?) then trampled the daemons behind it in a bid to get away (AKA exploded from the extra damage markers). It was possibly one of the most hilarious moments in any game I have played and earned the Lord of Skulls the permanent nickname "Brave Sir Khorney."


The middle had a horde of nasties ranging from Necrons to Khorne Berzerkers charging down the middle with nothing but blood on their minds. The allied lines had some Tau Firewarriors in a building that was taking heavy fire with some rather hesitant and nervous looking Guardsmen formed up in lines being sent on a march towards the rampaging lines as a speed bump to keep the enemy away from the objectives.


Sadly, just as it was looking to become an epic clash we ran out of time! To be expected as a first-time learning game but I think people have the Apocalypse bug at the club now. :)

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Just played my first two games too, yeah it was a blast. Regarding morale, remember a unit that fails its test only takes one more damage. The result is binary 0/1.


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Haven't got apocalypse yet but looking forward to doing so and trying it out.

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