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1000k pts for Escalation League

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screaming skull

screaming skull


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  • Faction: Thousand Sons

I am returning to the hobby after 5 years and joined an escalation league, and so far I am having limited success.  Next month we go up to 1000 points, we are required to run a battalion detachment. In the previous 2 months I was building my lists around a full squad of Rubrics but it seems I need to adjust my list, and I am hoping this will be a more competitive list. 





Battalion Detachment +5CP 


+ HQ +


Exalted Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch: Force Stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Doombolt, ,Prescience, Warlord, High Magister, Helm of the Third Eye 


Sorcerer: Force Stave, Wrap Flame Pistol, Death Hex, Warptime


+ Troops +


4x ​Rubric Marines, Inferno Boltgun, Aspiring Sorcerer, Warpflame Pistol, Temporal Manipulation


20x Tzaangors: Tzaangor Blades, Brayhorn


20x Tzaangors: Tzaangor Blades, Brayhorn


+ Elites +


Tzaangor Shaman: Force Stave, Weaver of Fates


Tzaangor Shaman: Force Stave, Glamour of Tzeentch


+ Heavy Support +


Defiler: Battle Cannon, Defiler Claws, Twin Lascannon, Havoc Launcher


++ Total: [82 PL, 8CP, 1,000 pts] ++


The Warpflame  pistols are there just to spend the points. Any feedback will of course be greatly appreciated. 

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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