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Make static legs a little more dynamic

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Has anybody had luck into repositioning bac's legs?

I own a lot of bac power armour and wanted to give my close combat veteran squad a bit more of a dynamic pose.

Any suggestion/tutorial? :)

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The easy way would be a heat gun. Heat it slowly so that the Leg will not warp and then bend it.

Alternatively you could cut the legs on the joints and behind the knee capS, reposition them with greenstuff and finished.

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You can get a lot more movement from some BaC poses by pinning the legs to the base at an angle, then use the basing material to make them look like they are digging in. It also helps static poses to place the arms and legs opposite (Right leg forward, left arm backwards) because this is how the human body looks when it runs at speed. Just doing that little bit with a forward tilt and assault arms can take The standing bolter guy and make him more dynamic than an assault marine. 

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