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Assault on the Long Room - Emperor's Children

Emperors Children Horus Heresy

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I have walked the stars. I have traveled far from my hearth and home, from the comfort of Imperial peace into the maelstrom of war. I have fought impossible wars under the shadows of heroes and monsters. I am the son of a demigod, consummately reborn to fill my grasp with countless worlds.


I have come, I have seen, I have conquered.


Polished, we stand on the eve of our greatest conquest. The walls fall, violate. The foe runs, routed. The clarion rings, our duty calls. We are oathed to this moment. I will hold the engines of destruction in the palm of my hand.


To the Long Room, brothers!


- Captain Vermillio Toderan, addressing the 64th Company, Emperor' Children, M39.14




I cordially invite you to gaze into the looking glass with me, as I delve into the mystery which surrounds the once mighty 64th Company, XIIth Cohort, VIth Millenial, IIIrd Legion, Emperor's Children. Together we will shall learn the history and motive of those most desecrated traitors. Forgotten history will be reclaimed. I must know what happened there. Gather friends, so that you too may learn of the heroes and villains of the Long Room.


- Istorphiles, Emperor's Servant

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