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Anyone have any experience running the Carnodon ?

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Lord Blackwood

Lord Blackwood


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So I  recently came into a Carnodon Kit , and configured it for all volkite. 

The reasoning behind picking up a  tank like this  is because Solar Auxilia dont have  anything that can pass for heavy weapons teams so I figure add more tanks ,  run  the  Tallarn  doctrine and so on. 

Im just curious if anyone has  had any luck running it ?  Or if it seemed underwhelming on the table ? 


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I strapped the quad lascannons on mine for a cheapish AT unit. Took out a proteus on its first shot in a game;)
So far the only game of Heresy I’ve played in last 6 years but ‘‘twas a satisfying start
She’s a sweet lil AFV imho
Here’s mine

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I load mine out with turret volkite, sponson multilasers and pintle multilaser- it's a great little dakka platform even if it's immobile as hell (I don't play Tallarn).

5 point multilasers are love, 5 point multilasers are life (I just wish the twin multilaser option cost 10 points).


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