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Blackmanes Drop Assault

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So thinking of a solid fluff based list I put this together



Ragnar- warlord

WG Battleleader- thunderhammer, storm shield, wolfen stone

2x 9 bloodclaws- WG Pack leader- frost axe stormshield, Pack Leader- powerfist

10 Grey Hunters- WG Pack leader- frost axe storm shield, pack leader- powerfist, melta gun, wolf standard

5 Wolfen- Inter 2x thunder hammer storm shield, 2x great frost axe

3x drop pods



Bjorn- twin las

WG Battle Leader- frost axe, storm shield

5 Intercessors- auto bolt rifles

5 Hellblasters- Plas Incinerator

5 Longfands- 4x Plas cannon

5 Longfangs- 4x Las cannon


My idea is a heavy alpha strike with the pods and the wulfen flanking and the Intercessors, hellblasters, and Fangs provide long-range support with Bjorn.

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