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White Scars 2000pt list, layered Aggression

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I shared this list over in the WS tread while we were getting excited about all the new stuff.  I have played it a bunch now, and am really enjoying it, thought I would share it with the Space Marine Community as a whole, as there are some good things about it that could be used by many chapters.


In the long run what I think is so cool that we can now achieve is waves of aggression thanks our speed.  Marines have never felt so much like Marines to me till this book, and then add in all the cool WS stuff and man am I loving the state of things atm.

White Scars Battalion:
HQ - Captain on Bike (Power fist, Storm Shield, Shield Eternal, Warlord with Tempered by Wisdom for Imperium's Sword and Master of Snares)
HQ - Librarian with Jump Pack (Artificer Armor, Might of Hero's, Null Zone)
HQ - Librarian in Phobos Armor (Ride the Winds, Storm Wreathed)
Troops - 3 Units of 5 Intercessors with Chain Swords and Aux Launchers
Heavy - 2 Whirlwinds with Vengeance Launchers

White Scars Vanguard:
HQ - Chaplain with Jump Pack (Plasma Pistol, Exhortation of Rage)
Elite - 2 Invictor Warsuits with Flamers
Elite - 2 Base Ironclad Dreads with Assault Launchers

White Scars Outrider:
HQ - Lieutenant with Jump Pack (Master Crafted Bolter, Power Axe)
Fast - 3 Attack Bikes with Multi-Melta
Fast - 9 Scout Bikes with Storm Bolter on sgt
Fast - 8 Bikers with Chainswords, and Thunder Hammer on Sgt

So 2 cp to get the 2nd relic, and 2nd warlord trait on the warlord, then used a CP to outflank the biker squad, and put the Chappy and Lt in deep strike to join them when they come in.

The Ironclads end up advancing as much as possible till into combat.
Put the Invictors as close as I could but still be safe if I didn't get first turn. Then put everything else on the line, 2 Intercessors units and the Whirlwinds are about the only thing that stayed back for objectives, since so much pressure is applied from turn one, most people have to play on the back foot.  Also, the Phobos Libby is great with the WS discipline as he can be sitting mid field from turn one buffing units as they zoom bye into combat, and the Invictors help make sure he is mostly safe from round 1 shooting.

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