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Index Astartes: Praetors of Denzarr (first draft)

Index Astartes Praetors of Denzarr Sons of Dorn Chaplain Dosjetka

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Chaplain Dosjetka

Chaplain Dosjetka


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Index Astartes: Praetors of Denzarr

  • 8th Founding;
  • Dornian gene-seed;
  • Created to reclaim systems lost during the Howling;
  • Starts off as a fleet-based Chapter;
  • Crusades about, after a few years/decades comes across a lair of filth and villainy, the Denzarr sector;
  • Long campaign to cleanse the place, once done they decide to settle down in the sub-sector and defend it everafter, take the name "Praetors of Denzarr";
  • Knightly Chapter, likes to get up close for the kill (though without being berzerkers or full-on Templars);
  • Sets up Chapter Keeps across the sector which are manned by both Chapter Serfs and Astartes, latter sourced from the Reserve Companies;
  • Rad colour scheme (white and green):


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You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

Accept all challenges, no matter the odds.

Suffer not the Heretic to live.

Abhor the Typo.


Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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A good start. I dislike halved color schemes, as the Marines and their vehicles look totally different when you view them from the left and right sides, meaning there's a very real risk allies will misidentify them and make them victims of "friendly fire"- but if you're set in that color scheme, go ahead.

Why use white and green? White for the purity of the Marines' purpose, green to show this purpose is to make the Emperor's realm fertile and His peoples prosperous?

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Reasons to use the Steel Crusaders ('Codex: Space Marines' supplement): Because you think giving Sternguard Veterans a heavy bolter wtih special issue HEAVY BOLTER ammunition is ALMOST as much fun as shoehorning an Earthshaker cannon into a Land Raider.


Reasons to use the Iron-hearted Angels ('Codex: Blood Angels' supplement): Because you think the Librarian Dreadnought needs Furious Charge AND It Will Not Die to beat down a Chaos-worshiping punk and his Defiler, while a Stormraven needs a Vanquisher cannon to beat down this punk's Heldrake.

Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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Digging the colours, halved heraldry feels very knightly.

Yellow eyes is a good shout, especially since you're already using red for details like the knee and purity seals. happy.png


So, on to the bullet points:


Are the worlds cleansed (and then claimed) by the Praetors anything along the lines of how the Ultramarines used to not only conquer, but integrate worlds into the Imperium?


I'd quite like to see some of Dorn's sons putting together a mini-Ultramar of their own, to be fair.

I can imagine a ring of 'bastion worlds' with a lot of defensive emplacements and fortifications, with anything less heavily fortified in the sector's centre, behind one of these 'frontline' worlds. happy.png


Definitely looking forward to seeing these guys develop.biggrin.png

Dolchiate Remembrancer

Dolchiate Remembrancer


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I'd love to know more; what made them want to stay in Denzarr? Valuable worlds? Emotional attachment? Relics and the like? Damsel in distress?
Do the chapter keeps operate independently of each other? Is there a chapter master/captain looking over them?
How does the chapter operate now that they are settled? Did they establish a council or is a lone man in charge of this sub sector's defense?

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Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Always do love to see a rare halved scheme in the mix and Dornian Knights always give me happy tingles. :D


So looks like we have a Chapter with strong discipline to attack with a controlled ferocity. As they like to get up close, how is their structure in terms of Fire Support and battle tanks?


How long did it take for them to cleanse the Denzarr sector? Have any pacts with any other Imperial factions emerged as a result?



gallery_26154_15777_7710.png sml_gallery_81492_11492_822.pngjHkptLG.png]gallery_77459_13226_2824.pnggallery_48988_10069_2782.png gallery_48988_11572_5225.png





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I have never been bold enough to try a halved theme, but this looks rad indeed! The setting you've chosen for them has a lot of interesting storytelling promise.


The Liber; it's like a Biscopea for DIYs!

Messor's Content

Brother Lunkhead

Brother Lunkhead


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Greetings Chaplain Dos,


Your outline for the Praetors of Denzarr looks promising and the halved pattern for their livery is kickin'thumbsup.gif  I'm looking forward to seeing how this chapter fills out.

Knight of the Raven

Knight of the Raven


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I'm looking forward to the moment an Angel of Redemption rounds a corner to stumble upon a Praetor of Denzarr and they do the 'are you a reflection or an impostor?' dance.

The other posters brought up good questions. Dolchiate Remembrancer especially; just what is so important about the Denzarr sector that the crusade fleet not only decides to settle there instead of continuing to sail the stars reclaiming systems, but also to rename themselves after it and to change their objective from the one they were created to achieve in the first place?

(Unless you meant that they vowed to "defend it everafter" in addition to still following their High Lords-given directive.)

Knightly Chapter, likes to get up close for the kill (though without being berzerkers or full-on Templars);

"It's not dead until you see the light die in its eyes."

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Words have power, use them well.

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