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Imperial Knights with Guard and BA 2k ITC

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Hello all I would really apperciate some honest feedback on this list for use in ITC tournaments. It's a simple concept and I feel like it has lots of tools but I don't get to play many practice games such as much theoryhammering as possible will be a big help to me. 


Imperial Knight Super Heavy Detachment: House Raven: 6 CP -1 CP for warlord trait, -1CP for extra relic 


Knight Castellan  Plasma Decimator (Cawls Wrath Relic), Volcano Lance, Sainted Ion Warlord Trait (4++)
 2x Shieldbreaker Missile,2x Twin Siegebreaker Cannon

Knight Gallant [20 PL, 352pts]: Character (Knight Lance), Heavy Stubber, Heirloom: Ravager, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike gauntlet, Knight Lance Character


Knight Gallant [20 PL, 352pts]: Character (Knight Lance), Heavy Stubber, Heirloom: Ravager, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike gauntlet, 


Blood Angels Battalion: 5 CP -1CP for extra Relic  


Smash Captain, Angels Wing Relic 

Smash Captain

5 Scouts with bolters 

5 Scouts with bolters 

5 Scouts with bolters 


Astra Militarum Battalion: 5 CP 

Loyal 32: Bare bones. Warlord with Grand Strategist and Kurov's aquila.  



So I know people have shied away from the Castellan after the nerf, but because I am stubborn I want to show that it still good. And I didn't own one before the nerf so I have not run it yet. But maybe every one else is right and I am wrong...



The basic idea is 19 CP, before pre-game purchases, to power a Raven Castellan and 2 Smash Captains. Scouts screen the enemy and prevent them from getting early board control. Then two gallants charge forward while the Castellan softens things up and the Smash Captains use Strats to reliably deepstrike turns 1 and 2 to take out critical pieces of the enemy army.  The guard use orders to get to objectives and screen the Castellan.



Fine tuning the list, I'm not sure about making the Castellan the Warlord, and forgoing Grand Strategist on the Guard Commander. That would let me get Land strider on one gallant and then Armour of the sainted ION (2+) on the other. Or I can spend 4 more CP and do this anyways.       




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I used this list in a game against mech Tau ITC Mission 5 Pointy Hammer and Anvil deployment. He had Longstrike, 3 hammerheads, 2 sky rays, 3 bombers, Sacea battalion. 



I got turn 1 and Castellan killed two hammerheads both of which blew up even with a CP re-roll. Smash captain killed Longstrike. Bombers had moved blocked the Gallants.

He killed the smash cap, 2 scout squads, 1 infantry squad and did 18 wounds to the 2+ save gallant.

Turn 2 Castellan killed the last hammerhead and a skyray. Gallants each stomped on a devilfish and killed them. 

He got the gallant to 22 wounds but couldn't kill it. Killed an infantry squad with the bombers. 

We called it there. I had fanned out the infantry so his bombers were in a corner and probably all going to die next turn, while the gallants stomped what was left of his army. 

With two alpha strike armies facing off getting first turn meant this game was probably not the best test of this list. The Raven Castellan seemed crazy strong but it had lots of good targets. I felt like I was consistently overcommitting firepower, but that's probably good in case the dire rolls go cold. 

Any feedback on the list would be appreciated! I am not sure on the Castellan being the warlord vs. a company commander with Grand Strategist and Aquila for a CP battery. But then I would need to spend an extra 4 CP to get the extra warlord trait and relic on the Knight.

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