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100PL Ad Mech to fight against Knights

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Andy Tea

Andy Tea


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My friend has asked for a 100 PL game (we use PL because we are just causal gamers and also lazy) against his all Knights army - well in his words its "Knights and then a couple other things to round out the PL"


Last time i fought against a knight was last edition, that was just one in a guard army it it was pretty terrifying, SO the fought against fighting a full army of them fills me with dread, i have visions of being tabled on turn 2 by overwhelming fire power and big stompy feet


I'll be using my Ad Mech to fight against him because well they are the coolest army in the game and if i'm going to get wiped out I might as well have fun whilst i'm doing it.


Anyway here is the last I've tentatively come up with, seen as its PL we use I've not decided on all the upgrades or weapon options yet (mostly as i dont have the book to hand and i'm working off a spread sheet I made for writing army lists at work. Please let me know what you think as i'm not really sure what to take other then as much high STR stuff as i can. At the bottom i'll include a list of the other stuff I have if you fancy some alternative suggestions


also i apologise for the dodgy spellings




Tech Priest Dominus - sits with the Kataphrons and provides rerolls

Tech Priest Enginseer - patches up the Onager, pays the HQ tax



10x Rangers - with 3 Arebequsers

10x Vanguard - with 3 Arc Rifles, the other 7 and just ablative wounds

10x Vanguard - with 3 Plasma, the other 7 and just ablative wounds

3x Kataphron Destroyers - Plasma Culiverns

3x Kataphron Breachers - heavy Arc Rifles


Fast Attack

Ironstrider - with Lascannons

Ironstraider - with Lascannons





Tech Priest Dominus - sits near something and provides reroll 1s



10 Fulurite Electro Priests 

Cybernetica Datasmith


Heavy Support

2 Kastelan Robots with 3x Phopser blaster each, hopefully weight of fire will get through the knights

Onager Dunecrawler - with Neutron Laser, my big hope for serious damage that will probably die on turn 1

new Shiny hover tank - not actually mine, i'm borrowing it off my friend to try it out before deciding if i buy my own


Basic plan is to just keep shooting at the biggest knight until it falls over and then work my way along, the Electro priests will attempt to charge another one and hopefully keep it tied up for a couple of turns


Other stuff I have and things i'm considering


I have another Onager with an Icarus Array that i'm debating on taking as it has a lot of shots and will allow then let me have the Inv save rerollon both of them if they are near each other - to take it i'd probably drop the 

10 Rangers


I also have Cawl, 5 Sicarian infiltrators with cattle prods and 4x servitors - 2 with heavy bolters


sorry for the rambaling





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