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The Tyranids who want to EAT the Kharaa System

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I posted my Tyranid kill team to a few places last week and the reaction was positve, so I figured I would create a hobby thread dedicated to this army.  While I am primarily and Guard and Deathwatch player, I've wanted to have have a few different armies. Turns out the Tyranids (and eventuality Genestealer cult) where the most interesting to me.


Here is my kill team roster picture





As well as some additional close ups of some of the models












I was always my intention to use a painting procedure that can be scaled up for a horde army, while still looking good on the tabletop.  The new Contrast paints helped a ton on that front.  Pretty much every model is Wraithbone spray -> Contrast ->DryBrush -> Wash



Here are most of the other models that I have. (yes, I'm one of those guys that buys too much plastic before painting)



As you can see, I made REALLY good use of those Spearhead boxes this summer.  Each was like $140? from 3rd parties.  


While my small bases use GW texture paints,  the big ones would cost a fortune, so I made my own.  This is the white stuff on the Carnifex bases.  It's a mixture of Sand, PVA Glue, and Drywall Spackle. 

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