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False Hydra?

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Has anyone tried running a False Hydra, or something similar, in either Dark Heresy (or its other games) or Wrath and Glory?
I just came across what a False Hydra is and I'm getting so many ridiculous ideas I want to do now. And i wanna know if anyone has tried it already and how they did it
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A creature that cannot be interacted with or remembered, with a few exceptions (such as catching a glimpse of its reflection) ?


I had a Dark Heresy party catch up with a slaanesh daemon/possessed type of similar nature, which ended with a bout of indiscriminate panic fire.

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Apologies for the late reply - I am literally snowed under with work and such.


I have never actually run one, but as AT says, sounds like a Slaneeshi can of tentacles!


From what I read, a tense and slow build up is the best way, with one GM even going so far as to copy player made maps and alter them and hand them the new copies from behind the DM screen so they forgot locations they'd marked on maps and had already visited!


Have a look here: False Hydra


Anyone have anything else to add?



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