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IA: The Ashen Blades (LASC 19, WIP)

LASC 19 Dominion of Storms DIY Kelborn Index Astartes Ultima Founding

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Ace Debonair

Ace Debonair


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Really like both the badge and the colour scheme you've picked for these guys. I'd half-expected more red, but I think having it only on the chest emblems (and the chapter emblem) is a really nice touch. biggrin.png


Very much looking forward to seeing what's next for the Ashen Blades!

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Nearly two weeks without any progression over here. Moving into a new apartment is way more time consuming when you got a kid. sweat.gif


In my sparetime, I'm devouring everything which can be useful for the Ashen Blades like the Fyreslayers Battletome or right now, the Iron Hand supplement. Lacking the Salamanders' one, I thought that the IH could also be inspiring. And guess what happened?


I'm questioning my decision to make the Ashen Blades a XVIIIth Legion successor and instead turn it into an Iron Tenth descendant.


"But Kel....why? You've come this far..." you might ask


The Salamanders did fit quite well with my concept: defenders, fire/ flame theme and so on. As you guys already said, the Salamanders would be a good choice for Guiliman's military rememberancer project within Imperium Nihilus.


Now, one can start to talk about the difference between nurture and nature. That heritage doesn't dictate certain aspects of a successor chapter. But I dare to disagree in this particular case.


Vulkan implemented the Promethean Cult within his Legion and later in the chapter. It's an essential part to bear the worst things possible to safeguard those in need.

But I would like the Ashen Blades to be distant, reclusive defenders, focusing on their goal given to them by the Lord Primarch. Being hired as "mercenaries" in order to obtain certain resources, only waging war where it is of worth to them and only doing just enough to secure a world, while secretly gathering intel for their great library, is something I struggle to imagine for the "good guys" Salamanders as we know and love them. Especially with the Tome of Fire/ Promethean Cult in mind.


The Iron Hands on the other hand are douches compared to them, although they are currently transition into a more "caring" chapter. Cold, seemingly emotionless, driven by hate, merciless, straight forward, uncaring for civilians, etc.

Also, the concept of Forgefathers and having a council is more likely to be a dwarven thing. As the Fyreslayers are my main source of inspiration, they are quite similarities to the Iron Hands:


- distant, isolated bunch

- their "god" was shattered/ killed

- decent craftsmen

- anger management issues tongue.png

- rough, cold demeanour

- in their core, honorable and grieving

- emulating their fallen leader


Continuing this train of thoughts, an Iron Hands successor might even be a more logical choice to harvest, store and sort the Imperiums history due to their technology shtick than the sons of Nocturne. They'd get the job done. Casualties might be arguable but nonetheless, they would get it done while fighting for Imperium Nihilus.


Regarding Vulkar, their homeworld, how about keeping it as a world brought to compliance by Vulkan but annexed by the Ashen Blades? It could've even been a former homeworld of another, yet lost chapter, as well. So the population would have to deal with the subsequent change from one way of rule to another, more strict and unyielding one.


Even the idea of caring the flame of hope, etc. can be turned into a process of development within the chapter. From the cutting, burning blades into a steadfast beacon of "hope" (if I dare to say that there's hope in 40K ;) ).


Just my current thoughts on the Ashen Blades. Here's hope that I can start writing the article after finishing our move this weekend. Really need to get stuff done. sweat.gifbiggrin.png

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