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Nephritakh Fan Codex Supplement

Homebrew Codex

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With the advent of the Psychic Awakening, the awesome Space Marine supplements and me just generally feeling good about myself lately, I decided to channel some positive energy into doing what I loved best during my early days of 40K. Writing fan Codices. This time for my homebrew Necron Dynasty.


Edit 1: The link has now been updated to the v1.1 of the codex. For those who have already seen the v1 the changelog will be in the comments below for ease of reading along but if it gets far enough ahead I'll just edit the most up-to-date here.


Just to preface a few things first:

  • No its not complete. As you'll see soon enough the lore segment is unfinished, about 1/3 done, and I plan to have some artwork in there but because I'm drawing them myself it's gonna be a while. (My work ethic with art is significantly worse than my writing ethic, funny cause I love art significantly more...)

  • This isn't an attempt to Fix the current Necron Codex. This is me pretending I'm a GW employee and was given free reign to design and create lore/rules for my Dynasty.

  • This being a fan Codex obviously Narrative play is what people think of but I did however write it in mind of the general Semi-competitive Matched play meta.

  • I'm no good at mathhammer and as far as playtesting goes all I've done are some controlled dice rolls.

  • If you spot something, have an idea or need to criticise the writing by all means speak your mind. I'd love to interact with you guys to brainstorm and discuss the fun and technical aspects of the Codex.

  • With that in mind future updates here will probably come weekly and bi-weekly on the Necrontyr reddit page unless its urgent.

  • The intended play-style is "Calculated Aggression".

With all that said, feel free to download the Codex and give it a spin if your FLGS or mates are into it. I've already received some great feedback about plenty of things but I would like some more before I make an update later today or tomorrow.

Edited by Mixzremixzd, 11 September 2019 - 01:19 PM.

Whew maybe I have gone off the rails..... 





  • 16 posts
  • Location:Birmingham, UK

Based on initial feedback these are the alterations I have put together.


-No lore updates

-Secondary ability for 'Wrath of the Fallen' dynastic code streamlined to function as an astartes banner.

-Nefertara's 'Didact Eternal' modified to allow full number of attacks on death rather than FNP buff.

-Celestial Fury changed to function as SM Orbital bombardment stratagem.

-Empress Revenants and Covenant of the First King, tentatively, left untouched.

-Cometh the Hour changed to all units and simpler 3" move buff and ignore heavy weapon penalty

-Removed +1 to wound from Didacts Wrath

-Lunar Thermisite changed to either or buff

-Mindshackle scarabs changed to 2D6 from 3D6 leadership roll

-Offspring of the First King left the same.

Whew maybe I have gone off the rails..... 


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