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h0U5e's Sons of Orar Painting and Gaming log

WIP Ultramarines Battle Reports ETL Penance

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  • Faction: 40k Sons of Orar 30k UM


Welcome to my hobby blog. Participating and failing in my first ETL has inspired me to engage more in the community.

A few of the reasons I chose the Sons of Orar are:

  1. An above average amount of MKVI Corvus armour.
  2. A striking contrast in their paint scheme.
  3. Being an Ultramarine successor as I am a huge fan of 30k Ultramarines.
  4. Ravendove's painting log. (http://www.bolterand...s-of-orar-blog/
  5. A bit of lore I found by Keith Robertson (saved it to a notepad and lost the source) who created them:

Primarily they where created as an early warning system and first line of defense against any new Tyranid invasion and were based on the moon of Orar (hence the name) though the origin of the name has since been altered.

Since they were seen as an almost expendable force they were primarily equipped with the older marks of Space Marine armour (mk 6) 

For a Space Marine chapter they have an above average amount of Librarians (mainly because the concepts of Librarians has always appealed to me in the 40K background)
Other than that there history was left pretty open so I could alter it and add things as I went along.

I will be posting hobby progress, how I am tweaking my list for the ITC format as I delve into competitive play and battle reports.

Open to any and all constructive criticism for my painting and gaming!

Thanks for checking out my work.

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  • 59 posts
  • Faction: 40k Sons of Orar 30k UM

First up are the non ETL vow models I already had completed (ETL models coming soon). 5 Scouts and 9 Scout Bikers!

Shout out to Sigismund's Ghost for the basing.


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