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The Armageddon Oilbloods

Steel Legion House Raven

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Are Verlo

Are Verlo


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  • Faction: Blood Angels

Welcome and step in to the bridge of the regimental command leviathan. The Armageddon oilbloods will conduct a series of 5 offensive manouvers supported by the Corundum host, lance of the most blessed House Raven.


Out of character: This weekend I will attend a 5 game tournament and will be fielding an army with Steel Legion and Knights. As of now I don´t have enough Steel Legion models to play 2000 pts games. In the long run the goal is to play "mono-Imperial guard".


As a working class hero with 2 kids and a wife, I just don´t have the time to play enough games/practice enough to hope for a podium placing. Therefor will not be a "how I won the GT"-type of post. I spendt just as much time making a playlist for themes suited for mechanzed infantry as I spent making the list.

Ofc I will present both lists. The playlist and the rooster for the event.


So here it goes ( in a non-battlescribe format). The rooster is as following

2000 pts, command points (5+5+3+3)=16


Battalion (Imperial Guard, Steel Legion)

Hq: company commander with chainsword and bolter

Hq: company commander with chainsword and bolter


Troops 3x 10 guardsmen with plasma gun, bolter and chainsword for the sgt.


Fast attack: 2x hellhounds with inferno cannon and heavy bolter


Dedicated transports: 6 x chimeras with multi-laser, heavy bolter and heavy stubber


Battalion (Imperial guard, Steel legion)

Hq: Company commander with lasgun, chainsword

Hq: Primaris psycher with force staff


Elites: Astropath with laspistol


Troops: 2x 10 guardsmen with plasma gun, bolter and chainsword for the sgt.

Troops: 10 guardsmen with lasguns, chainsword and bolter for the sgt.


Super-heavy detatchment (Knights, House Raven)

LoW: Cerastus Knight Atropos [warlord]

LoW: Armiger warglaive with melta-gun

LoW: Armiger warglaive with melta-gun


So there we have it:

3 officers, 2 psychers

60 guardsmen in chimeras

2 Hellhounds

Cerastus Knight Atropos

2 Armiger warglaives


Then you probably ask: Why Steel legion and not Cadian or Catachan, or even Tallarn? Well, I secretly worship Slaanesh and like it hard. Really hard!! And losing is fun...


The honest answer is the Steel Legion looks amazing. I love the infantry and the scheme from codex: Armageddon. And I like the idea of playing a "non-standard" list. IG + knight(s) is not groundbreaking new, but I feel the list has a unique twist and when was the last time you saw a "competitive list" with 6 chimeras?



Ghost division - Sabaton

Break on through - The Doors

One shot at glory - Judas Priest

Ride of the Valkyries - R. Wagner

Paint it black - The Stones

War pigs - Black sabbath

Templars of Steel - Hammerfall


Feel free to add to the playlist- I´ll edit the post as more suggestions come :-D

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No need to ever justify your chosen Regiment ;) This looks like a decent list especially if you're limited in models, with some Knight support you might even get decent results. It all depends on how competitive the tourney is and you can tell us that better than we can :P Keep an eye out for the new Marines, people may be surprised by the difference!


The Hellhounds will do good work for you, as will the Armiger Warglaives - both should be an excellent picket and fast response core :tu: Otherwise your mechanised Guardsmen will no doubt be busy holding the line and then trying to move it, hopefully you can keep the enemy at bay to maximise your shooting.


Don't forget to take lots of pictures, and good luck! :tu:

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ENjoy and feed back how it goes

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I am creating a custom regiment, the Fallax Hammers based on Necromunda models. Please take a moment to view Work in Progress here




Are Verlo

Are Verlo


  • 499 posts
  • Location:Norway (Tromsø 69N, 18.5E)
  • Faction: Blood Angels
Day 1 is over. So far it’s been a blast. But I have to say I find playing with a chess clock so stressing.

Next offensive in 10.5 hours.

I’ll post more after the two games to morrow.
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