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Tzaangors as Spireguard?

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Okay, so. I've had this concept for a while, but I'd like to ask: would Tzaangors with autopistol/chainsword be appropriate counts-as profiles for Spireguard? What do we know about Spireguard? Just a thought I had I'd like to share and ask for input on.

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Amusingly, I've been musing with the opposite concept for my heresy era TS : use the tzangor profile but represent them as spire guards. Problem is there's nothing in the GW range that has both a uniform with frogging and access to CC weapons.
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Lord Marshal

Lord Marshal


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Humans don't take well to long-term Warp exposure. I wouldn't expect any of those left to look much like they used to. 


With that being said, I wouldn't have a problem with 'em being proxied. 

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