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Iron Hands Not-A-Skyhammer 2k

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With all this talk of near-immortal dreadnought castles, I think some of the other things Iron Hands can pull off are falling into the background. I personally think that, out of the supplements so far, Iron Hands have the best drop pods in the game. Calculated fury lets you lay down a pants-on-head stupid amount of firepower turn 1. With that in mind I came up with this list.


Battalion Detachment + Spearhead Detachment (9 CP total)




Captain in Phobos Armor (Relic: Vox Esperitum, Warlord: Master of the Vanguard, Chapter Master: -2CP) 99


Lieutenant (Chainsword, Combi-Melta, Relic: Teeth of Terra -1 CP) 75


Chaplain (Crozius, Bolt Pistol) 72




2x Infiltrators 220


2x Sniper Scouts 130




Apothecary 50


Company Ancient (Banner of the Emperor Ascendant: -1 CP) 63


Sternguard Veterans (Sarge w/ Power Axe & Boltgun, 2x Multi Melta) 119




2x Stormtalon Gunship (heavy bolters, assault cannons) 328


Heavy Support:


Devastator Squad (Cherub, 4x Multi Melta, 5 extra marines, sarge w/ chainsword) 223


Devastator Squad (Cherub, 4x Grav Cannon, sarge w/ chainsword) 150


Devastator Squad (Cherub, 4x Plasma Cannon, sarge w/ power axe) 139


Eliminators w/ bolt sniper rifles 72




4x Drop Pods 260


TOTAL: 2000


I intend to combat squad the 10 man devastator squad, placing one multi melta with the sternguard squad. This means there will be two pods with 3 multi meltas each.


This list is fully dedicated to punching the opponent in the mouth turn one. Iron hands Stormtalons are incredibly mobile. They hit on 2+ re-rolling 1s against ground targets. The Master of the Vanguard warlord trait helps all of the troops reposition better after deep strike. It should be further noted that all of the sniper weapons are also heavy and can reposition without penalty.


A major downside of this list is that there is very little board control before the pods come down. Additionally, iron hands marines may be tougher than average, but they still die like marines. If the drop fails to seriously cripple the opponent, it will be a very short game, lol.


It might be better to cut one of the drop pods for a bigger ground presence, but I just really want to play with my pods!


I hope this illustrates another way to play the new Iron Hands besides a vehicle deathball.





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Do the ancient and the apothecary really add much to this list? If you fail to deliver a knock-out blow with your alpha-strike I struggle to see that they are going to enable you to win a war of attrition.


I think you would be better off putting the points into more things which can deliver the alpha-strike and hope it works if you want to go with this list concept. Being half-hearted about this sort of strategy rarely works in my experience. Of course such a strong concept will have bad matchups, there is nothing you can really do about that except grin and bear it when it happens.


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