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Index Astartes: Asperos Astra (LASC 19)

Ultima Primaris Loyalist Halo Stars Explorator Messor LASC LASC 19 Cowboys Wild West

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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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The 6th Company's fate and the "Palid Procession" are interesting concepts. Have the Lawbringers appointed an equivalent to the White Scars Master of the Hunt, specifically to search for and destroy all trace of the traitors? Do they have a cover story to give the Inquisition, e.g., claim Nurgle cultists found the 6th Company Marines' corpses and used the latter as Daemonhosts?
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I'm still considering the Chapter's policies and standing doctrines for handling the Procession (and by that token, the Chapter may be as well!), but that notion is definitely among them.  The thing stymieing their response right now is a lack of information. As an extension of that, and in answer to your second question, there is question and debate about the nature of the Procession; after action reports have found that at least some of the 6th must have been dead before their attacks. Question is how much. If/when the Inquisition makes its way into the Frontier, that would likely be the story they rolled with.


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