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Eldar Corsairs (homegrown rules)

Anhrathe Eldar Corsairs Aeldari Corsairs Kill Team game homegrown rules

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Since most players don't get down into the Homegrown Rules forum, I figured I'd post these here. I've been developing rules for the eldar corsairs in the Kill Team game (and I've had lots of great help from a few members). I previously posted a version in the Downloads section, but have since reorganized and expanded those rules following the release of Elites. The rules now include commanders and elites choices, as well as sub-faction rules (following the Elites example). You can see the current version of the rules below:

tn_gallery_44777_13283_479470.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_30021.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_69944.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_91722.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_413652.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_200139.jpg

tn_gallery_44777_13283_308575.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_395991.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_448387.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_167592.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_47556.jpg tn_gallery_44777_13283_58946.jpg
(click on the images for full size versions)

I'm looking for feedback from players that have experience playing Kill Team. The limited playtesting I've done (it's difficult to playtest solo msn-wink.gif ) and the theorycrafting that has taken place in the Homegrown Rules discussion have led up to what you see above. My playtesting was limited to games against similar asuryani and drukhari lists, and all of my playtesting was pre-elites (i.e., before ghostwalkers and malevolents were added and before everyone could take corsair jet packs). We think it's ready for prime time, but it would be great to get more eyes on things to ensure that everything looks fair.

Some issues for consideration:
  • The most contentious issue is the availability of corsair jet packs for everybody. Their impact has been limited, following the pattern of t'au jet packs and granting only 2" of additional movement along with the FFLY and JET PACK keywords. Adeptus Astartes jump packs double movement (+6") and grant the FFLY and JUMP PACK keywords for only 6 points, so 4 points looks relatively safe (there are arguments that this might be too expensive).
  • The tactics are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari.
  • The coterie specializations (sub-faction rules) are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari.
You can see more in-depth explanations and exchanges here.

Thanks in advance!
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Anhrathe (Eldar Corsairs): KT faction rules
Ynnari: KT faction rules

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