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Looking for the best anti Marine faction.

Anti marine

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Inquisitor Orion

Inquisitor Orion


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I like to play things that others are not. Iron hands and Ultra Marines are going to be strong. Any thoughts as to some of the better factions equipped to handle this Codex (and) supplements.





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If you're dealing with shooty SM armies (and Iron Hands in particular tend to go that way), then my advice would be to either outshoot them with superior firepower (Tau, or even better Necrons as they have units that can rip marines apart in CC too), or go for a fast-moving horde army like Tyranids. Genestealers in particular will make short work of a gunline they manage to connect with. 

Another option would be an army specialising in smite spam like Eldar or The Thousand Sons.

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