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Dark Eldar 2k kabalite return list

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Still trying to get a good scheme(hardest part of any army IMO).So right now I am just spit-balling ideas as I experiment with test schemes, I kid you not, I have 9 kabalite warriors in various different schemes on my work bench although over half are destined for the paint remover bucket already. I have a couple more ideas I want to try after I re-prime them hehe. Has to be easy and not involve massive edge highlighting.


So right now I am thinking of a combined Dark Eldar and Alatoc outrider(it fits the shadowy nature of my homegrown craftworld, could change once I see the new build  your own)


Battalion and Spearhead

Archon phantasm grenade launcher, blast pistol, huskblade



Kabalite Warriors x5

Kabalite Warriors x5 Shredder,

Kabalite Warriors x5 Shredder


Incubi x5

Trueborn 5 with 4 blasters


Scourges 4 haywire


Ravager 3 Dissies

Ravager 3 Dissies


Raider with Dissie

Venoms x4 twin splinter cannons


Outrider(alaitoc for now)



Shadow Spectres x4 + exarch


Hornet Crystal targeting Matrix, 2 hornet Pulse lasers

Hornet Crystal Targeting Matrix, 2 hornet pulse lasers

Hornet Crystal Targeting Matrix, 2 Hornet Pulse Laser


Heavy Support Weapons x3 Shadow Weavers


Basically wanted a fast moving list. Still up in the air on the true born but they were a staple in my 5th edition Sliscus list, you know back when you could deep strike and use Raiders as drop pods and have turn 1 total denial and Ravorwings that came onto the board and evaporated a squad a turn with a full alpha strike. I haven't figured out what to do with the HQs yet as far as warlord traits and relics. The plan is to use Flayed Skull.


The Incubi are another question, I wanted one squad for sure as I love the models and Drazhar has been a favorite character since 3rd edition. The rest of it is movable. I have the three squads for objective grabbing. The craftworld stuff is fast moving light AT fire support, and I already own the models and have never used them. The true born are the easiest to flat out drop for something else, they have great AT ability on a fast moving platform but I wouldn't be upset having to drop them for something else such as 2 more kabalite squads and a venom.


Really tempted to drop the Hornet lasers for bright lances. Would save me 30 points and give me dedicated AT fire. But its 6 s6 ap-13 d2 damage per hornet vs 2 s8 ap-4 d6 damage weapons.

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