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The Best Airbrush for Miniatures

Airbrush Hobby Tools

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Hey all, I wrote a guide on the best airbrush for miniatures.
Could do with some feedback from the community. I want to compile the best guide on new starters or upgrades getting airbrushes and was wondering what everyone wants to know and whether it's covered in the article?
What Considerations did you make when buying a new airbrush?

Trevak Dal

Trevak Dal


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I've just purchased a badger Patriot after using the airbrush that came with my compressor (a replica of iwata made by master if I'm not mistaken)

So I'm a novice in firearms, but the break down of (iwatas) and that master airbrush knockoff was like, a mainline modern polymer handgun (Glock etc) easy take down, easy reassembly.

The badger is a little like taking a 1911 apart, though I've gotten used to it. While cleaning the badger I popped out the little Teflon needle...I forget what it's called, but I was able to get it back in after a few YouTube searches.

"Our Turn" - Centurion Khârn.


Captain Smashy Pants

Captain Smashy Pants


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Would you recommend this brush for a beginner? Its pretty cheap, so if it gets wrecked, like you reckon a beginner brush will eventually, no big problem. Its gravity fed, but the main upside for me is that it's single action, I have dispraxia, so I feel it will be easier to get to the hang of. At this point it's worth mentioning that only thing I'll ever use it for is base painting, stencil work and maybe camo. I have no desire to preshade or do zenithal highlighting or any of the advanced techniques, I like edge highlighting with a brush, recess shading and drybrushing.

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I do find it hilarious that some people were saying the size of newer marine stuff looks great next to regular humans like Cadians, and then GW upsized the humans so they are the same height as marines again :lol: :lol: :lol:




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If you only going to do the following:

  • prime
  • base coat
  • varnish

Then you might as well just get a cheap no name chinese airbrush, or a Badger Patriot 105 or a Iwata HPCS if you want to go a bit fancy.


If you want to throw yourself into:

  • preshading
  • highlighting
  • OSL
  • detail work

with an airbrush then I recommend to get an airbrush with a smaller cup (less front heavy and better viewing sighting arc) and smaller needle size, such as Badger Sotar 20/20 and Iwata CM-B (the latter is quite expensive).


I have tried them all and If I had to pick one I'd probably go with the Badger Sotar due to ease of needle extraction (no need to remove back housing), short distance between nozzle and trigger (better control) and the small cup size.

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