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Imperial Fists: 3.5k Pride of the Legion

Imperial FistsPride of the Legion VII Horus Heresy

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Hey friends, can I get some list critique? I’m doing a few games over the weekend with friends (I’ll take lots of pics), and am trying to include my freshly completed Storm Eagle and Lascannon Heavy Support Squad. I know they’re not the best, especially with the latter being insanely expensive, but I’d really like to use them. I’m expecting lots of armor and lots of bodies so I’m arming accordingly.

MOS and Apothecary would join the HS Squad, and the Storm Eagle will more than likely transport the Praetor and Plasma Vet Squad if they don’t Outflank. MOS will be in elevated terrain, if possible, to help the Medusas be more accurate from behind cover.


Imperial Fists 3.5k
Pride Of The Legion

HQ: Praetor w/ a Master Crafted Paragon Blade, Iron Halo, and Melta Bombs 170pt

HQ: Master of Signals w/ a Power Sword, Melta Bombs, and a Refractor Field 125pt

Elites: Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought w/ 2x Kheres Assault Cannons, Havoc Launcher, and Extra Armor 200pt

Elites: Quad Mortar Battery of 3 w/ Shatter Shells 210pt

Elites: Apothecary w/ Augury Scanner 50pt

Troops: Vet Squad of 10 w/ 2 Heavy Bolters w/ Suspensor Webs, and a Vet Sergeant w/ a Powerfist 215pt

Troops: Vet Squad of 10 w/ 2 Heavy Bolters w/ Suspensor Webs, and a Vet Sergeant w/ a Powerfist 215pt

Troops: Vet Squad of 10 w/ Meltabombs, 4 Combi Meltas, and a Vet Sergeant w/ a Combi Melta, Art Armor, and Powerfist 250pt

DT: Rhino w/ Extra Armor 40pt

Troops: Vet Squad of 10 w/ Meltabombs, 4 Combi Plasmas, and a Vet Sergeant w/ a Combi Plasma, Art Armor, and Powerfist 250pt

Fast Attack: Seeker Squad of 10 w/ a Strike Leader w/ a Powerfist and Melta Bombs 275pt

Fast Attack: Storm Eagle Gunship w/ TL-Lascannons, TL-MultiMelta, and Extra Armor 270pt

Heavy Support: Deredeo Dreadnought w/ Heavy Arachnus Las Battery, Heavy Bolters, and Aiolos Missile Launcher 270pt

Heavy Support: Medusa Squad of 3 w/ 3x Extra Armor and Squad Command Tank 515pt

Heavy Support: Heavy Support Squad of 10 w/ Lascannons and a Sergeant w/ an Augury Scanner and Melta Bombs 445pt

Total = 3,500 Points
"There is no such thing as an obscene amount of firepower."- Sergeant Antaro Chronus




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I like your list. I think it’s pretty balanced and should be fun to play

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