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Looking for Critiques on my Fluff

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Colonel Cross

Colonel Cross


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So way back in 3rd edition when I started 40k, I immediately took a liking to Macharius. So when I got back into the hobby a couple of years ago I was pretty excited about the Macharius omnibus and quickly read it. I thoroughly enjoyed the books, for the most part. Anyway, here's the idea I've had for quite some time and wanted to ask how it sounds and if it's still viable with the current state of the lore.

The Macharian Reclamation Crusade began after the Night of a Thousand Rebellions (992.999.M41). The crusade seeks to re-establish control over worlds which lost contact with the Imperium for one reason or another (demon incursions, Warp storms, GSC insurrection, etc). Most feel it is an afront to have lost worlds Saint Macharius conquered so long ago. Many of the units participating in this crusade can trace their lineage back to the original crusade, the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, or both (things in Segmentum Pacificus really seem to repeat themselves).

Notable forces include dozens of regiments from the Macharian Sector, who make up the bulk of the force (I just made this up, Macharia is a shrine world so can't use that and Macharia Ultima is pretty much outside the Imperium at this point and contact was lost long ago). To represent them I use Cadian models and like to think of them as having a very similar culture, though potentially more cocky and less grim.

Various Catachan regiments due to their ties to the original crusade and fairly close proximity. (I have so many Catachan models haha)

Donovians (fictitious sister planet to Donia, Macharius' home world) who will be played as Steel Legion.

Stygies VIII, because their lore is fantastic, they took in many refugees from the fall of Cadia, and are within the Segmentum already and there is tons of Necron activity and plenty of tidbits to provide them with motivations.

Kasrkin, possibly tagged along with Stygies VIII? Not sure how to tie them in, really, but I have so many and they are my favorite models ever.

My best friend created his own Ultramarines Primaris successor chapter who is in search of a suitable world to make their chapter world and joined the Crusade once they were unleashed by Cawl & Bobby G.

Lastly, an Inquisitorial detachment to keep watch on the crusade, but publicly are there for support with the war effort.

There are other regiments and attachments and such, but really these are the armies my friend and I own so other units will be fleshed out solely for story purposes.

There are many motivations and access to a wide array of stories here but my main concern is that it's not too busy and that I'm not trying to jam a square peg on a round hole when it comes to established lore. I got information from the 8th edition codex fluff & maps as well as the Dark Imperium books & timelines. So, how does my brief synopsis look?

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7k worth of guard 




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The synopsis looks ok to me, but if you want the fine details on lore building the Liber is the place to go thumbsup.gif It's very easy to stick some Guard forces together into a cohesive army as the established lore already has this in spades, and for a crusade then it's even easier laugh.png The only thing to double check on is the existing lore in the Macharian Crusade but this shouldn't be too hard, there's always a risk in using existing tales not least in the fell hand of GW retcons (or worse?) but equally if so it's not difficult to change things to be entirely of your own making smile.png


A crusade like this would probably be a pretty big deal so there'd be scope to add more if you wanted, stretch your lore fingers out (adding them doesn't mean you have to add associated models - though beware the temptation... laugh.png ) smile.png Don't forget we'll need pictures of the crusade as it assembles ;)

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Colonel Cross

Colonel Cross


  • 136 posts
  • Location:Colorado, USA
Whoa how have I not been to the Liber before?? Thanks for the heads up! I'll be digging into this after work, for sure.
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7k worth of guard 

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