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Hornet Themed Forge World Army (2k list)

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Hey there, so I am coming back to 40k after a long break only playing AoS. (Mainly because I moved across the country and my new play group was only into AoS but they are finally branching into 40k and I'm super excited)


I have always loved the Forgeworld Hornet models and I finally have the income to actually go down that route so I'm going to built a list around them. The goal is casual but not so weak that I get tabled each game. (Though I feel hornets are actually really good for the cost)


This is the list:


Alaitoc - Battalion


Irllyth - 180pts

Farseer Skyrunner - 135 - Commander, Shiftshroud Item, Doom and Guide Powers


6 Rangers - 72

6 Rangers - 72

6 Rangers - 72

10 Shadow Specters - 230 (no upgrades)
10 Shadow Specters - 230 (no upgrades)
3 Hornets - 345 -  2 Hornet Pulse Lasers an Crystal Targetting Matrices each
3 Hornets - 345 -  2 Hornet Pulse Lasers an Crystal Targetting Matrices each
3 Hornets - 315 -  2 Bright Lances an Crystal Targetting Matrices each


Total: 1996


- I probably screwed up something somewhere since I'm so rusty but I think this is a fully legal army?

- The army's main weakness will be objective control I think. The strategy will be to hit super hard and clear objectives so I don't have to fight for them.

- I have limited anti tank. The Hornet Lasers are ok against lighter tanks but against bigger stuff like Knights I really only have smite and the bright lances

- Shadow Spectres are glorious in that they have both anti elite infantry and anti horde built into their gun. Also coupled with Alaitoc I can aim to keep them at -2 to be hit so they are decently tough. 

- Hornet Pulse Lasers are Primaris Marine killing machines so I should be ok in that matchup. 

- Irillyth will really help punish poor leadership given how widespread his aura is. 

- I will need to use Rangers as speed bumps/screens against fast moving close combat armies. Though it is pretty scary to charge at Shadow Specters and the super long range and fast move on the Hornets should help keep them out of melee threat.

- The list is going to be super fun to play with tons of mobility and so much fly means I can dart out of combat to keep shooting. 

- I considered getting a Lynx instead of the third Hornet squadron but it just doesn't seem worth it. For the similar cost as 3 Hornets with bright lances it only gets 2 shots with a strength 12 bright lance compared to 6 shots with the strength 8 bright lances on the hornets.


Thanks so much for any feedback! I'm also grateful for any mistakes you notice. Before dropping many bills on this army I want to make sure it is legal. :) 




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Get the Lynx since without an extra character for an outrider detachment, you only have 2 fast attack slots available.


I have been tossing a list idea based around hornets and shadow spectres but you went far more overboard than I was planning as I was only using three hornets and a 5 man spectre squad. I cant pin down the weapon options yet on my hornets either, not sure if I want AT or yet more S6 fire which most eldar lists have in droves.

Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work. You would think they wanted me to do work or something....

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