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Iyanden Wraith Host 2000pts

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The Woodsman

The Woodsman


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Hi folks, 


Hobby ADD has me always contemplating starting up a new 2000 point army, from a different faction, rather than expanding on the forces I already own. I'm currently happy wiith my fully painted Astra Militarum list (fun and kind of tough but not super-competitive) and am just finishing up my ''optimised'' Grey Knights (I know lol), with which I plan to attend most of the tournaments I go to with. 


Looking towards new horizons, I'm thinking a Xenos army could be cool, and while I've always liked the Eldar, I wouldn't want to go towards your standard, super-hard Flyers, Reapers and mixed detachments list. I've always thought the Wraiths were badass, ever since 4th edition, and now with Craftworld Attributes and the Wraith Host from Vigilus, I feel I could enjoy myself with a wraith construct-dominated list. 


So this is kind of a Sledgehammer, hit-or-miss list, or so I think. There's a potential to hit like a ton of bricks, and some tricks to help my forces stay alive, but it definitely has some weaknesses. The Wraithlords are definitely a little bit of dead weight, and Dark Reapers would be better in making the list ''competitive'', but for now I've settled on this. The main strategy revolves around using the Vigilus psychic power and Spirit Shield strategem to protect the Wraithlords, who benefit from the Autarch's re-rolls. Guardians hold backline objectives and support the main push. screen from deepstrikers etc. Three Wave Serpents with Wraithblades and Wraithguard get up the field and try to engage alpha targets as soon as possible, using the Psytronome relic, Vigilus warlord trait and extra attack stratagem, as well as the Iyanden strat to deliver maximum damage potential. Farseer Guides the Wraithguard to make the most of those Wraithcannon, and Empower is used on a unit of Wraithguard as well. 


Here's the list, C&C welcome!


Batallion (Iyanden)


Autarch (Warlord, Fate's Messenger)

Farseer (Guide/Doom)


3x 10 Guardians with a Platform (2x Shuriken 1x Scatter)


Vanguard (Iyanden, Wraith Host)


Spiritseer (Field Commander, Psytronome Relic, Empower)

Spiritseer (Vigilus Power)


2x 5 Wraithblades with Swords

5 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons

2x Bonesingers


2x Wraithlord with 2x Bright Lance


3x Wave Serpent with Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones



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If you have points, throw your farseer on a jetbike.
...and I forgot to quote this so i forgot what else I was going to say




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I’m currently on the fence about wraithlords, I typically run one as a beat stick with flamers/catapults and a sword if I use one at all. Not a true wraithhost with that few wraithguard/blades. I would drop the Autarch, run two jetbike farseers (one doom/executioner, one fortune/guide) and maybe a warlock on a bike for jinx/protect.

Combine the two guardian squads with Scannons, place them in the web way, use them as a bomb, throw some rangers in the third troop choice.




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I would actually consider not using Iyanden with that list as the serpents are really left alive on the middle bracket and only the guardians really need to worry about moral due to the size of the W.Guard squads.


There fore I'd think of running a homebrew craftworld from the PA book, re-roll 1's to wound for all wraith stuff and something like one of the shuriken trains (+4" range, -1AP in 12") or guardians re-roll 1s

Dyspraxic & Dyslexic  - So I might not write/explain what I think I have as clearly as intended to.... 


I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on???



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