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Heretic Astartes and Servants of the Abyss - merge in to one

Kill Team Heretic Astartes Chaos Space Marines Servants of the Abyss Cult of the Abyss

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Hi, I've built a couple of Kill Teams for Chaos, one using the standard list in the main rule book, the other using the Servants of the Abyss list. Between the two, I've got a good spread of what appeals to me (and my preferred narrative) - one is Chaos Marines and Cultist Horde, the other is a mix of Traitor Guard, Mutants, and a couple of Chaos Marine 'overseers' (a good 'Lost and the Damned' feel).

Given the range of choices that other Kill Teams get to pick their members from, I do wonder if Heretic Astartes should have the Abyssal units mixed in - especially now Abyssal Cultists get a new choice of ranged weapon that 'regular' ones don't.

I think that the regular HA Kill Team performs pretty well as it is - a good mix of harder hitting, tougher specialists and disposable cannon fodder to swamp your opponent. So maybe that list doesn't need Traitor Guardsmen or Mutants? Perhaps 'merging' the two would create a potentially overpowered/imbalanced Kill Team list.

What are the thoughts of experienced Kill Team and/or Heretic Astartes players? Merge, or leave the two separate?

Thanks for reading!
My new Kill Team project - http://www.bolterand...dothese-sector/ (Updated 26/03/19: Marines Malevolent painting in progress)

My Chaos Marine project log, the (infamous!) Legion of Taurus: http://www.bolterand...arine-army-log/

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