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Salamanders heavy mech 2k


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Been theory hammering this all morning. I wanted a fast moving, flame oriented list. I only know the basics for the Salamanders coming out soon so hoping this will work like I plan on it working.



Captain in terminator Armor TH+ SS, chapter master with relic thunder hammer. No clue on WL trait

Chaplain with Litany of fire(I think) babysits the Eliminators


Intercessors x5 stalker rifles

Intercessors x5 autobolt rifles + sgt with hand flamer and power sword

Intercessors x5 autobolt rifles + sgt with hand flamer and chain sword


Terminator Assault Squad with TH + SS


3 Land Speeders with Dual hvy flamers


Eliminator Squad with las fusils

Land Raider Redeemer


2 Impulsors with shield domes


Vanguard detachment

Phobos LT with vox espiritum relic

3 Invictor Suits


I have a lot of wounds moving around with this list.


The biggest what to do is the HQ with the Invictors. I guess I can go without a reroll 1 aura but it would be nice. I just realized he wouldn't be there T1 and they might not be there T2 lol. Maybe a normal LT with a jump pack and have him flat out go and advance and try and get the invictors in his aura?


The speeders swing in on the other flank while the land raider party bus cruises up the center. The two impulsors go and cap objectives while the chaplain sits with the eliminators and gives them +1 to wound so most things will be wounded on a 2 with 1 reroll of 1.

Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work. You would think they wanted me to do work or something.... EDIT: Now work has banned it too ...




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Very fluffy and looks pretty scary lol

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Salamanders

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