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Custodes Mono-Dex

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Mainely Wargamming

Mainely Wargamming


  • 102 posts
  • Location:Maine, USA
  • Faction: Custodes

Battalion, 8CP (BF, Det) 1999pts, 104PL


HQ:  345

Trajan - 185

Warlord SC on Bike with Auric Aquilas, HB, and Superior Creation 160


Troops: 674

1x Cust Guardian w/ 3x spears, 1x shield 213

1x Cust Guardian w 2x spears, 1x shield 161

2x Sag guard 150


Elites: 620

2x Aquillon Terminator squads (Power fists/Bolters) 249 

1x Vex Praetor w/ spear and Magnifica 122


Fast Attack: 360

4x Vertus Praetors with HBs


Trajan and the Aquillons go after the big stuff on turn 2, while the guard and praetor go after objectives and the bikes with SC bully the backfield or harass casters/characters.


I have lost more than I win, but I am trying to avoid going FW because I need to buy food.  I can't kitbash the Telemons or the Callidi effectively, so I am stuck with the ground pounders.  


Any help is appreciated!

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