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Recaf and Medals: Beaky's Imperial Air Wing

Aeronautica Imperialis game

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Beaky Brigade

Beaky Brigade


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I took the new toys out for a spin this evening. Bombing Mission vs Orks 150 points (I am going to find a second opponent soon now things are opening up!)


4 Thunderbolts with Skystrike missiles (2 with 2, and 2 with 1).
4 Hydra batteries
2 Manticore Batteries

Megabomma with extra bombs
Eavybomma with extra bombs
2 Dakkajet with bombs
1 Dakkajet with custom shootas

Orks Attacking my command bunker:


Fast mover Dakka jets instantly dropped bombs on 2 of the 3 ground targets doing significant damage. I'd forgotten about bomb creep affecting the ground defences too!





Before being obliterated by fire from call signs Blackheart 3 and 4, and hundreds of rounds of Hydra fire





Unfortunately the rest of the pictures are too blurry to be worth sharing, but we only got to turn 4 with a turn 5 disengagement. The Megabomma and Eavy Bomma destroyed 2 of the 3 ground objectives between them and left the last ground objective on 1 structure point. One Hydra battery was lost to bomb creep and Call Sign Blackheart 3 was lost to massed fire from the Megabomma frontal turrets

On turn 4 the last Dakka jet was downed by Blackheart 4 and the Eavy Bomma lost to ground fire.

Call signs Blackheart 1 and 2 dived under the Megabomma to escape its guns and banked left to disengage.

On the disengagement turn Blackheart 1 escaped with minor damage while Blackheart 2 couldn't quite leave the AoE.

The Megabomma couldn't quite leave the AoE either but downed Blackheart 4 who got kill greedy instead of banking for safety.

Once the points were totted up it was 129 to the Imperial Navy and 126 to the Orks, another Pyrrhic victory! One more point of damage to the last ground objective or Blackheart 1 not disengaging and it would have gone the other way.


Ground defences worked well for me this time as my opponents low model count meant he didn't really outnumber me most of the game, and as they are not worth victory points when destroyed they acted as a 'bank' for about a third of my points.


They didn't really have any effect on damage to the ground objectives though, as that was nearly all on turn 1 and turn 2. I was also lucky with the rolls, getting a 50% hit rate some turns!


Next time, we're going to do the Canyon run!

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